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Georgie Nakima works exhibition at Mint Museum Uptown
Murals are part of Constellation CLT
Published Saturday, March 27, 2021 9:00 am
by Ashley Mahoney

Georgie Nakima’s art can be seen in Constellation CLT at the Mint Museum’s Uptown location through May 2.

Georgie Nakima has her first exhibit in a cultural institution.

Her murals can be found throughout the city from Beatties Ford Road to east Charlotte with the tag Garden of Journey, her professional name. Fourteen of Nakima’s works can also be seen in Constellation CLT at the Mint Museum’s Uptown location through May 2, spanning a seven-year journey as an artist. They can be found on:

• Plaza level – “The Muse,” (2016), “Balance,” (2017), “Learning Expands Great Souls,” (2019) all printed canvas in frame;

• Second floor – “Tigers’ Eye,” 2016, “Zodiak,” 2016 and “Asase Ye Duru,” (2020); “Timeless Embrace by Nature” (2017) is watercolor on paper and “Breathing Water,” (2018) is vinyl
• Mezzanine (“Your Mind is a Garden,” (2019) vinyl and;

• Third floor – “Basquiat” and “Gaia” (2019); “Eco” and “Vision” (2020) printed canvas in frame; and “Interstellar” (2020, vinyl).  

Constellation CLT is in its third year and designed to activate the Mint Museum’s public spaces as a means of connecting local artists with the institution and museum visitors.
“It is an invitation for my community in Charlotte to see the progression of my work,” Nakima said. “It is also an opportunity for me to brand myself beyond street art and murals and into a more museum setting and into a more formal exhibit.”

Nakima is a native Charlottean and Northwest School of the Arts graduate who majored in biology and minored at in chemistry Winston-Salem State University. Having her work shown at the Mint is a “very big deal,” she said. She and museum chief curator Jen Sudul Edwards worked together to bring the experience to life.

“It has been amazing to work alongside Jen Edwards,” Nakima said. “I really want to continue pushing the culture of street art and public art in non-traditional settings. I want to continue kind of cross-pollinating and engaging those two separate audiences because with murals, you are a lot more on the ground. You are kind of into the direct line of the people, but when it comes to institutional settings, that is more aligned with academia. It is a lot more formal. There is definitely a different audience that I am engaging with, as far as on the ground.”  

Nakima and Edwards connected at Sphere Series, which brings together local and international leaders to discuss the value of cultural exchange. Edwards is a co-founder. Fellow co-founder Hilary Burt, a professor at Queens University of Charlotte, connected them.

“I was really excited about her work, thanks to Hilary,” Edwards said. “The way [Nakima] talked about her work, it was very much beyond just the painted image. There is this whole holistic process to what Georgie does. She thinks about wellness. She thinks about the connection between human action and the Earth’s health. She is very connected to all of the biological aspects of living, as well as the aestheticizing through imagery. That made me really curious in her larger project as an artist. Creating these murals was not just about beautifying the city, but imparting this spiritual inspiration or journey on the part of those who see the works.”

Nakima’s work has evolved, with more of an emphasis on storytelling. She also has worked to improve her technique over the years, yet leaves it up for the viewer to decide the ways in which it has changed.

“My intention is what has evolved,” Nakima said. “The beginning was a montage of me trying to get my work out and me trying to prove myself as an artist and as someone who creates quality work. Now my work is more about sharing stories that really connect [people] and really pull heartstrings. I think that my work has always been about visual representation and telling those untold stories that I do not hear as often. That is something that is similar through the breadth of my work.”

The Mint Museum is working on programing surrounding Nakima’s work for April. Dates and details are to be determined.

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Beautiful ? ! Can't wait to view Nakima's art. It is refreshing and awesome to see art reflecting black people. Thanks Mint Museum for your inclusiveness.
Posted on March 29, 2021

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