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Author writes memoir on faith and hospitality
Gloria Sloan pens 'Abundant Faith'
Published Wednesday, June 26, 2019 11:50 am
by Sam Palian | The Charlotte Post

Gloria Sloan is author of “Abundant Faith.”

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Entrepreneur Gloria Sloan has had a long, successful career because of her faith.

Sloan provides insight into her experiences and the faith she held during all of them in “Abundant Faith,” which published in October 2018.

“I learned to love myself more during my ‘60s experience,” said Sloan. “As the first black student to graduate from an integrated high school in Gaston County, North Carolina, I had to. It was tough growing up in the civil rights era full of discrimination and segregation. That experience is mentioned in my book.”

After building a business, Personal Dynamics Inc., around her career in hospitality, self-publishing a book may have made sense as the next step, but it wasn’t necessarily the intention.

“My son had a massive stroke in 2011,” said Sloan. “So, as I put that in the book, I just began to keep a journal I was writing and before I knew it, it had turned into a manuscript and that’s when the flow of all these narratives came to my mind and the experience of my life helped express who I am in finding my own identity during that time.”

What’s touched on in the book are narratives of family, love, trust, forgiveness, health, wisdom and giving. Of course, Sloan ties in how faith connects with hospitality and why it is so important.

“I focused on it from a faith perspective and I took it back to the beginning of why we need hospitality and why it is important because it is a vital instrument,” she said. “Every single thing we do has something hospitality related to it and I think sometimes people do so much planning and they miss the point and the role of hospitality.”

By writing to express herself, Sloan began to take her career to a new level and by doing so, defined hospitality in a way that shows how meaningful it can be.
“When you have a passion for pulling things together and making sure that everything is perfect and right for guests, it goes beyond just the ‘Floof’ and the ‘wow’ and ‘ooh la la’ effect,” she said. “It has a very special meaning, because you want a person to walk away from it filled with the gift of hospitality and when you can plan something and you walk away and you can see it was planned with the gift of hospitality.

“From a spiritual standpoint, I broke it down in terms of the tremendous power and the benefits of hospitality and faith and from the very beginning where there was hospitality from a biblical perspective.”

Passions for faith and hospitality are not the only things Sloan holds dear. The arts inspire her as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed the arts and music,” she said. “I love the artful presence and creativity in people and music is like magic. I just think that when you can incorporate some part of music in your life, it just gives you even more spirit for the soul.”

Sloan didn’t set out expecting to publish a book, but she’s glad she has been able to try with “Abundant Faith” similar to the way music has touched her.
“I was inspired to share my story from so many life events that happened daily to all of us,” she said. “So much happens to us in life and we’re going through so many different things and it just started flowing as I started writing.”


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