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For president: Hillary Clinton
She's flawed but has a clue to governing
Published Wednesday, October 19, 2016 4:27 am
by Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Presidential campaigns are marathons that test the patience, intelligence and will of candidates, but 2016 has been especially difficult on voters who have been forced to endure insults, scandal and deep flaws in contenders for the highest office in the land. Frankly, we’re glad it’s nearly over. When it comes to making an endorsement, we offer our support to Hillary Clinton, whom we believe is a far better choice to the bombastic Donald Trump.

We won’t bore you with all the details, but let it suffice that we’ve rarely seen a group of candidates who are so lacking in voter appeal that we’re tempted to turn up our collective noses. However, someone has to be president and for this we’re endorsing Secretary Clinton, who has a track record of service that easily runs circles around

Mr. Trump, an entrepreneur and TV huckster who has never held elected office. Judging by his prosecution of this campaign, Mr. Trump doesn’t appear eager to hold one, either.

Secretary Clinton is flawed, not necessarily as an office-holder, but on a personal level. She has a habit of overly-secretiveness that nearly rivals Richard Nixon and her love of a dollar, as seen by her cozy relationship with contributors to the Clinton Foundation, has been documented time and time again. But, at least Secretary Clinton offers coherent plans for what she’d do as president and her temperament is suited for the high-stakes, pressure-packed job of commander-in-chief.

We believe Secretary Clinton’s commitment to relieving student debt and improving health care starting with overhauling the Affordable Care Act are valuable building blocks to improving the economy. Although she has a conservative streak when it comes to criminal justice, Secretary Clinton’s approach is more balanced than Mr. Trump, who, quite frankly, can’t get past his zeal for locking up the Democratic nominee. If his message attacked issues instead of people or institutions, Mr. Trump might actually be able to gain attention beyond his base, which consists primarily of angry, blue-collar white folks, but he’s fallen way short. We’re a nation of angry people, but trashing entire groups is a losing proposition, and Mr. Trump has done enough to set new standards for gutter politics – no small feat in a society that’s becoming more coarse by the day.

Presidential elections are historic, and this year is no exception. When the dust settles, though, we believe Hillary Clinton is the superior choice that can move America forward and bring its people together for the collective good.


I believe Mr. Trump when he says he has a plan to help African Americans.Throughout his life he has been an equal opportunity employer.
We remember Amorosa on the Apprentice Tv show. She loves Mr. Trump. All the black folks that work for Mr. Trump say he is great. Dr. Ben Carson also supports Trump. Hillary is a liar For too long we have given our votes to the Democrats but they have not delivered. We need school choice,jobs, education in order to make us truly middle class Americans. Give Mr. Trump a chance . We have nothing to lose.
Posted on October 29, 2016
Donald Trump is the last hope for America Our country is failing. Its people are angry. Our once vibrant middle class is in massive decline. Our jobs have been sent abroad. Our industrial base has disappeared. We have become a total debtor nation. The wage base is being eroded by the presence of illegal immigrants while Hillary Clinton favors OPEN BORDERS. You go to the store and nothing is made here anymore. College graduates are not finding jobs because there are none. Trump is the only candidate who has committed to reversing these trends. Vote for Mr. Trump in 2016.
Posted on October 29, 2016
This is bigger than Watergate. She is unfit to be president and must have her security clearance revoked, and cease all security briefings.
Posted on October 28, 2016
Hillary Clinton may be indicted before the election day. FBI reopened the case today against Hillary Clinton.
Posted on October 28, 2016
yes Hillary is damaged goods,just like the lies w/barack obama,no one is thinking beyond election,our supreme court justices,corruption,and all the illegals that will put us in jeopardy.think beyond the box.we have a failing foreign policy,lies,corruption and a candidate that only wants your vote.she should have been prosecuted like any other person whom breaks the law.including obama.I'm tired of washington,Democrats have been in office a long time..nothing has changed.lets give an outsider a chance.he won't get your vote and leave you after.
Posted on October 27, 2016
How can you support Hillary Clinton who refers to our young black men as Super-predeters and said she hates everyday AMERICANS? How could you?
Posted on October 25, 2016

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