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West Charlotte High's Jade Corlew adds polish to golf aspirations
First girl in school history to qualify for state play
Published Saturday, May 1, 2021 10:00 pm
by Herbert L. White

West Charlotte High sophomore Jade Corlew (right) picked up on golf as a 7-year-old by tagging along with her father Tyrone (left) on Charlotte courses. The younger Corlew has qualified for the state tournament, a first for a West Charlotte girl.

Jade Corlew is accustomed to milestones.

The West Charlotte High sophomore is the first girl in school history to qualify for the N.C. golf championships, which tees off Tuesday at Salem Glen Country Club. Getting there is but one goal. Corlew, 16, wants to contend for the title.

“I want to try to shoot in the 80s again,” she said. “And to finish in the top 10.”

The week before, Corlew gained some added confidence by carding a round below 90 for the first time, shooting an 88 at Charles T. Myers Golf Course.

Corlew, who was introduced to golf as a 7-year-old by tagging along with her dad Tyrone, a Johnson C. Smith graduate who rushed for 1,000 yards during his football playing days. She showed enough early aptitude for him to encourage her to work on her skills.

“My dad, more than likely, was the reason,” said Corlew, who practices five times a week at Sunset Golf Course. “I think I went along when he played, and he started to introduce me to how to play.”

Said Tyrone, who also caddies for his daughter: “I was actually a little bit intentional about it because I was trying to find a good sport to put her in, and then just getting out there to see how she would take to it. And over the course of time, she started hitting really good shots.”

At Piedmont Middle School, the junior Corlew held her own as the only girl on the boys’ team as a seventh grader. That experience gave her a glimpse into the possibilities of what the future could hold if she sharpened her skills.

“I was the only girl on the team, so I just felt like I had to show out,” she said. “Honestly, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have, but it wasn't anything like really different as like compared to playing with [boys].”

At West Charlotte, Corlew blossomed as a shot-maker, showing a knack for getting the ball into scoring position despite challenging placement.

“Something happened within the last year or two where every now and again we would like be behind a tree or something and I’d be like ‘where are you going with this ball’ just to see what she was thinking,” said Tyrone, an assistant principal at Wilson STEM Academy.

“I was thinking maybe she’s going to try to hit it under the tree or something and she’d just say, ‘I’m going that way,’ and hit the ball over the trees. I was like, ‘Oh my God, where is this coming from?’ In the last two years, her scores have really dropped and she’s really starting to take to the sport a lot more now.”

Corlew was on the cusp of qualifying for the state championships last year but fell a half-short of earning a berth. Instead of lamenting what could’ve been, she turned that disappointment – and an adjusted swing – into a spot in the postseason. A consistent low 110s scorer as a freshman, Corlew regularly shoots under 100 now.

“I missed it last year by half a stroke, so it was a goal to get in this year,” she said. “Last year, my swing wasn’t really at its best, and then once I got my swing fixed, I started to improve a lot. It really helped my scores go down.”

Corlew admits she’s anxious about playing in her first state tournament but determined to make strides against North Carolina’s best players.

“Chances are I’ll be pretty nervous at first,” she said, “but I am going to play to win.”


Excellence at it Best!
Posted on May 7, 2021
Yes!!! You blaze your trail!!! We are all rooting for you!!!
Posted on May 6, 2021
You go girl! Represent WC well, you are amazing.
Posted on May 6, 2021
Jade, you got this win.
Posted on May 5, 2021
Congratulations Jade.....the entire Rentokil Team is rooting for you!!!!
Posted on May 5, 2021
Congratulations Jade.. you can do it
Posted on May 4, 2021

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