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Charlotte author Tanya Terry sharing the love to inspire Black girls
Debut children’s book ‘You Are Loved’
Published Wednesday, January 6, 2021
by Ashley Mahoney

Tanya Terry of Charlotte was inspired by a dream to author her debut children’s book “You Are Loved,” which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Tanya Terry is sending a message to Black girls.

The first-time children’s book author from Charlotte published “You Are Loved” in December with the intention of inspiring young Black girls to love themselves fully and unconditionally. The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

“I hope little girls everywhere are able to embrace themselves and know that they are loved,” she said.

Terry wants her work to inspire everyone. While she does want Black girls to feel seen and represented, she also wants adults to feel that way.

“This is really a book for everyone,” Terry said. “I believe children need to know they are loved, but adults also need that reminder. As parents are reading this book to their children, I hope they find encouragement in it for themselves as well. This is an inspiring message to love who you are, dream big, and help others along the way. Since we just had not only the first woman but also a woman of color named vice president-elect, I think this book further supports the message for young girls to dream big and know that they can be anything they aspire to be. I also hope to show readers that good character matters and helping and showing love toward others is equally important.”

Terry said she was inspired by a dream to write “You Are Loved,” but it also came from her nephew. She intends to write more children’s books, with her next one focusing on her nephew.

“I had a dream that I wrote a children's book,” Terry said. “Several ideas came to mind and even the publisher I would choose. I have a heart for children and love working with them. However, I never thought I would actually write something and publish it. Nevertheless, the goal of this book is to provide encouragement and empowerment to young girls/children. It is also important to me to represent young black and brown children in books so that these children can have examples of someone that looks like them in more stories.”

Terry, who works in sales, is originally from Virginia, with stops in Boston and Pittsburgh along the way. She considers herself a woman of faith with a heart for children and family, volunteering at children’s hospitals, and travel. Eventually she plans to cross all seven continents off her list. Antarctica is the only one remaining.

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