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New development announced for the Beatties Ford Road corridor
JPMorgan Chase anchors new project
Published Thursday, November 19, 2020 12:30 pm
by Ashley Mahoney

An artist's rendering of E-Fix Development Corp.'s planned project at the former McDonald's Cafeteria site on Beatties Ford Road. Financial services giant J.P. Morgan Chase will be the anchor tenant.

E-Fix Development Corp. has broken ground on a re-use project along the Beatties Ford Road corridor.

Charlotte City Council District 2 representative Malcolm Graham alluded to future project when the city unveiled its $24.5 million Corridors of Opportunity program in September, but declined sharing details about E-Fix founder and CEO Christopher Dennis’ plans. Instead, Dennis had Thursday to commemorate the first of multiple planned projects for the corridor, breaking ground at 2023 Beatties Ford Road first.

JPMorgan Chase will serve as the anchor tenant.

Future projects for E-Fix include 2020 Beatties Ford Road, as well as an undisclosed additional site along the corridor. McDonald’s Cafeteria once sat at 2023 Beatties Ford Road, where it was an anchor in the community for over 30 years before closing in 2003.

“I’m excited to be a part of the change that is happening on Beatties Ford Road, the West End corridor,” Dennis said. “We have been on this journey since early 2019. It’s been a long time. To see this day come into fruition is truly inspiring for me, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. We are here to help facilitate positive change for all those who live, work and invest positive change in this community. Beatties Ford Road is strong, because of the people who live, work and invest here. I am proud to be one of those people that are working and living that dream.”

Said Mayor Vi Lyles: “This corridor is going to make a difference.”

E-Fix will work with Historic West End Partners and the city to stimulate economic development along the corridor.

“As the founder and program director for the Historic West End Partners, I want to say to you that there can be a lot accomplished with a simple yes and some perseverance,” J’Tanya Adams of HWEP said.

Said Dennis: “Our work is about three pillars: local community engagement, small business development and highlighting art and culture to drive intentional conversations. We believe in preserving the history and culture of the West End community as we embrace the start of developments that will reshape the outside perception, and I do say perception, of the area, and showcase what is a strong and vibrant community.”

The Corridors of Opportunity program seeks to address gaps in infrastructure, workforce, transportation, housing and code enforcement, business development, public safety and urban design. It is underway on Beatties Ford Road and West Boulevard. Remaining corridors include Central Avenue/Albemarle, Freedom Drive/Wilkinson Boulevard, Graham Street/North Tryon Street as well as Sugar Creek Road/Interstate 85. Council member at-large James Mitchell credited city council’s January retreat with the motivation behind the program, but more is needed.

“I want my home to reflect the progressiveness of our community as a whole,” said Graham, who represents the Beatties Ford Road corridor. “This is not a District 2 project. This is a citywide project that reflects the values of a community, that everyone deserves safe, affordable, decent housing, that every community deserves to live in a community free from crime, that every community deserves adequate shopping and finance, that every community deserves to be the best it can be. Chris has taken a giant step forward to ensure that this will happen on Beatties Ford Road. This not just a groundbreaking. This is the first of many positive activities for this corridor. Chris is just leading the way. I assure you there will be others that will follow. The city will do its fair share to ensure that those who need just a little help to get across the finish line get the type of support that they need.”

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