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Time to restore sanity to the White House. Elect Joe Biden president.
A damaged nation needs real leadership
Published Sunday, September 27, 2020 5:30 pm
by The Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Democrat Joe Biden, The Charlotte's pick for president of the United States, will restore common sense and dignity to a country in need of both.

America literally and figuratively is at a crossroads.

The nation is grappling with a pandemic that shows no signs of easing up. The corresponding health crisis has wrecked the economy and further widened gaps between haves and have nots and long-standing rifts between law enforcement and the Black community have opened the door to a reckoning on America’s racist past and present. The nation is in trouble and from the look of things will stay that way without tangible steps to get on a different course.

That means removing Donald Trump from the White House and his Republican minions from power in Washington, Raleigh and Charlotte.

As the nation’s voter demographics continue to shift, no one group is going to be able to hold the levers of power exclusively, which puts the job of repairing the Trump disaster squarely on people willing to rally around a fusion of ideas. Trump clearly has failed us, at least those who aren’t interested in absolute autocracy, so the most important job is electing Democrats to office. Are they perfect? Not by a long shot. However, from the top down, they’re a sober collection of candidates and most important, resist the Trump cult of demagogic personality, which is more than sufficient to merit support.

The pairing of former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris makes an ideologically attractive ticket that’s moderate in tone and practicality. They’re far from flame-throwing leftists, which alleviates any fears of overreach and impress us as a team that will restore common sense and dignity to a country in desperate need of both.

We also endorse Cal Cunningham to the U.S. Senate to replace Thom Tillis, who has devolved into a cowardly yes man to Trump over his first term. Neither Tillis nor Trump have been of much use to North Carolina other than showing their colors as the feckless culture warrior in the White House and the enabling Senate toady. Although Cunningham is a bland and overly cautious candidate, we are convinced he can be a reliable ally in the fight for progressive civil rights, economic empowerment and expansion of health care insurance.

The same goes for the House of Representatives. We back incumbent Rep. Alma Adams, who has been a stellar activist for not only Charlotte but the Black community. Her leadership as an advocate for historically Black colleges and universities, health care for expectant mothers and farmers has been stellar. She has no opponent, but we like her work so much, she deserves our support.

In District 9, Cynthia Wallace faces an uphill battle against Republican Dan Bishop, who has gone invisible since his election in 2019. The district’s map and demographics favor Bishop, but we believe Miss Wallace, a financial services executive who chairs the 9th’s Democratic Party, can deliver more value for the district, which includes part of eastern Mecklenburg and Union County.

In previous election cycles, this publication has supported Democrats and Republicans alike, which has been a point of contention among some in the Black community over the years. In 2020, however, we have very little confidence in the GOP, which has supported acutely backwards thinking, racial animus, religious bigotry, sexism and political bootlicking with breathtaking frequency. The result is the vast majority of America is being mugged in one form or another while Republicans try to hang on for another term of Trumpism regardless of how much farther we fall into the dystopian pit of peril.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Record numbers of voters are requesting absentee ballots and all indications point to massive turnout, whether it’s in-person or mail-in. Trump, of course, is trying to cast doubt on the result and sowing doubt on the Nov. 3 elections. Don’t you fall for the okey-doke. Your engagement is key to setting the nation on a path to redemption.


Elect joe biden
Posted on September 29, 2020

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