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Platinum Plan another example of Trump supporting Black community
Democratic lawmaker backs incumbent's policies
Published Friday, September 25, 2020
by Vernon Jones

Georgia lawmaker Vernon Jones, a Democrat, supports President Donald Trump's re-election bid.

All too often, we see Democrats attack Black Americans like me who refuse to fall in line and answer every beck and call.

We’re called names like “Uncle Tom” and “traitor” for refusing to obey Democrats when they tell us we are supposed to believe or react a certain way. I personally witnessed this after leaving the White House for President Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention acceptance speech last month.

As I left the White House, a group of far-left radicals consisting of Democratic allies like Antifa and Black Lives Matter surrounded me – throwing insults and threats my way. If it were not for the brave law enforcement officers who protected me, I may not be here today. These radicals are the people who Democrats have embraced in recent months, and silence speaks louder than words.

Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris have refused to condemn the far-left radicals of their party like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If anything, the two are endorsing the fringes of their own party by refusing to take a stand against them.

As a Black man who is still a member of the Democratic Party, I am not afraid to support President Trump or call out the problems I see within my own party, and this is definitely one of them. All we have to do to see how radical these fringes of the Democratic Party have become is to look at the Black Lives Matter website.

The organization outright stated that they intend to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” until they just recently wiped the claim from their website. They called for the destruction of the nuclear family, which is already a problem that we are seeing in Black communities. If Democrats want to represent all Americans, why are they embracing radicals who hate everything America represents? As a proud American, as a proud Black man, and as a proud Democrat, I will be the first to condemn the fringes of my party.

But what do I get for speaking the truth? What do I get for telling Democrats they have a serious problem? I’ll tell you what I get – I get violent rioters screaming in my face that I am an “Uncle Tom,” a “race traitor,” and other awful names that I refuse to even give the light of day. After Sen. Tim Scott, football star Herschel Walker, and I spoke at the RNC, “Uncle Tom” trended on Twitter. I have personally seen racism in America, and it’s not coming from the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party has a serious racism problem today in America, and it’s coming from the fringes that Democrats refuse to disavowal. Racism is ridiculing a Black man for breaking free from the Democratic plantation. It’s treating a Black man like he is stupid, ignorant, or some kind of traitor because he dares to think for himself.
I’ll tell you right now. If Democrats want to fix their racism problem, then they need to rid their party of the radicals like Antifa and Black Lives Matter that refuse to accept anything less than conformity – anything less than complete obedience. They’re prejudiced toward those of us who don’t fit their “mold” of what a Black person is supposed to be or is supposed to believe. Democrats cannot allow this to continue.

It’s time for the Democratic Party to rid itself of the intolerant racists who refuse to step out of the way and allow the party to open up and welcome all Americans into its arms. We can’t do that when radical far-left groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are controlling the direction of the party and when the party’s leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris allow the nonsense to continue.

Meanwhile, President Trump has gone above and beyond to help Black communities – the same Black communities that Democrats pandered to and ignored for decades. As he just announced in his Platinum Plan, President Trump will be committing $250 billion to create what will be known as a new era of prosperity for Black communities and will also be committing to new legislation to further build on the historic First Step Act. What has Joe Biden offered? Nothing but empty promises.

If you’re a Democrat like me, that’s why we must re-elect President Trump. We must show the Democratic Party that we will not accept their intolerance any longer. President Trump has been open and accepting to all Americans, and the Republican Party has grown as a result. It’s time for Democrats to do the same, and they won’t get the message unless we send President Trump back to the White House once again.

Vernon Jones is a Georgia state representative, native of Laurel Hill, North Carolina and graduate of North Carolina Central University.


If one reads Mr. Jones' writing carefully, his bias and mis-representation becomes quite obvious. It is unfortunate that "the LOVE of money" is becoming the heartbeat of many. Donald Trump knows this better than anyone. A $250 billion Platinum Plan - plan to do "what". Trump wants to reduce/eliminate taxes. Where will funds come for this Platinum Plan? The President does not have control of the purse. Is this money coming from communist Oligarchs? If so, what do they get in return? It is increasingly important for our young Americans to take Civics 101. Donald Trump and his campaign will say, promise, and do anything to get Donald Trump re-elected to avoid the consequences of his illegal acts once he is no longer president
Posted on October 14, 2020
Typical and ignorant comments from stupid black people who never left the plantation of the Democrat party. You're still slaves and you'll never be free. Joe Biden doesn't care about you. Kamala Harris doesn't care about you. Barack Obama didn't care about you. The Democrat party uses you because you're fools. The Democrat partynumber one job is to make you think that nothing has never changed that life for black people is still the same as always and it's all the Republicans fault. You have to be an idiot to buy that bull water. But unfortunately many of you are idiots. And the reason why I'm using such incendiary language it's because you did. Dummies!
Posted on October 7, 2020
For starters, Vernon Jones is a fool.

I am a Black man, father, husband, college professor, and a proud U.S. Armed Forces veteran who earned multiple service medals for acts of leadership during my service to our country. Trump does not deserve to be re-elected. There are over 200,000 reasons why (COVID), not to mention his divisive tone ("S-hole countries," "grab 'em by the P--," etc), blasphemy (using THE BIBLE as a prop during those protests in Wash DC), his tear-gassing of American citizens exercising their right to protest, his Government shutdown (the largest employer of Black people, of which many Black Govt employees were left in a bad place during the furlough not knowing when the Govt would reopen again), his disrespect and military of our military community (i.e., Gold Star families, his comments such as "Americans Who Died in War Are 'Losers' and 'Suckers'), his FAILED leadership (telling people to drink bleach and inject household products to combat COVID), and on and on. Trump represents the WORST characteristics of leadership. He is ALL about himself and will throw you under the bus, if it will save his a___. He's the kind of "Captain" that would abandon his ship and let the people drown. I don't give a dang if you are a Dem, a Repub, and Ind, or whatever. Trump does NOT deserve to be re-elected. He has the AUDACITY to even ask for a 2nd term. It's disgusting.

And finally, I love reading THE CHARLOTTE POST, but I am disappointed that this trash article from Vernon Jones was printed here. First of all, Jones' trash article says very little about this Platinum Plan. First of all, it ain't worth platinum. It's more like cubic zirconia. It is mostly Jones' boo-hooing and whining that "Black people don't like him." Oh waaah. Boo-hoo. Cry me a river, Mr. Jones. If he wants to criticize the Dem Party, fine, but don't write a dang article with a title that has little to do with the meat of the article. Jones is a fool and a buffoon. This kind of garbage article is poison to the mind, and in my opinion THE CHARLOTTE POST should not be printing this for it's Black community readers to ingest. I don't mind an opposing view (evidenced by the fact that I took the time to read it), but any article pro-Trump does NOT need to be printed in a newspaper that serves a community who have wreaked the MOST damage by this administration. I do have some issues with the Dem party, but Trump is absolutely not the answer. Priority is to vote him TF out, and we can deal with 2024.

In closing, Vernon Jones is a fool. He can go kick rocks.
Posted on September 27, 2020
Vernon should be honest and let everyone know he is a Republican! He endorsed George Bush in 2004. Lobbyists and activists couldn't trust his word because he would tell you one thing and vote the opposite way. Certainly, at 60 years of age this is his retirement plan after losing his state legislator primary!
Posted on September 27, 2020
Good reminder that white supremacy can have Black and Brown faces representing it, too.
Posted on September 27, 2020
As he just announced in his Platinum Plan, President Trump will be committing $250 billion to create what will be known as
a new era of prosperity for Black communities and will also be committing to new legislation to further build on the historic
First Step Act.
Trump believes he can buy votes from the African-American community with last-minute promises
Posted on September 26, 2020
Tell it like it is, Soldier! The Enemy has dominion over many hearts and minds. Please continue trying to enlighten the ignorant. President Trump has been supporting the Black community since he was very young, contrary to the media's lies. Check out this article from 1966: http://thegivingtrump.com

Google's aggregators buried news of Trump's Platinum Plan for Black Empowerment in favor of promoting morally bankrupt Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The media supports the most corrupt. Their dirty laundry is hidden from the public's view. God will prevail in our country when we all stand up for what's right instead of letting the ignorance of media divide so the Enemy can conquer us!
Posted on September 26, 2020
Do I have to say it. If trump knew it would secure him the presidency, he would have already pushed for death sentences for all the police brutality perpetrators. He'd propose Presidential Discounts for all Black women under 30 seeking abortions.
Posted on September 26, 2020
Vernon Jones is one of the most hated, disrespected politicians in Georgia history. Jones ruined what was a promising political career with race baiting, sex scandals, and real estate scandals. He cried racism when whites opposed him as Dekalb County CEO. He cried racism when two white women sued him for discrimination because he attempted to fire them so he could hire his friends; they won the law suit. He was involved in a three-way sexual encounter where the woman accused him of rape- He cried racism again. Jones has run as a Democrat for over thirty years; it has been known for years that Jones is Republican, but he is well-aware that he, as a black person, could not be elected to office in the racist, red state of Georgia. Therefore, Jones is the epitome of the democrat politicians he describes. He became angry when Obama insisted he remove his images from his political flyers- he had not been given permission to use the former president's images. He cried in the well of the Georgia Senate when fellow democrats would not respect his right to support Trump. Jones is a coward who lacks the courage of his convictions. This stunt is to get attention for himself. Nobody cares if he is a Republican- we encourage you to leave the party, but you refuse-which says you do not believe anything you're saying. We all know you're just looking for a job. The bottom-line is that Jones is an opportunist who has burned all of his bridges. He is 60 years old and he has run out of options. So he has been reduced to carrying the water for the people who despise him. Where has this 250B plan been for the past 4 years? It magically appears because Trump appears to be losing the race. Where is this plan to replace Obama care that he promised to deliver over 4 years ago. America is still waiting. Jones has no credibility and neither does Trump. They are birds of the same feather.
Posted on September 26, 2020
I see there is a foot on the neck of Black America. Police need to stop killing Black people. Trump Administraton only strives to increase racial tensions. My son lives in the neighborhood just south of the rioting? that happenned in Lincoln Nebraska. He wears a badge due to working for the Department of Corrections. As the protest fed into his neighborhood he was confronted by protestors in a back parking lot. When challenged because he is white and wearing a badge he gestered to use the chemical spray they use for his line of work. They backed off. No one was hurt killed or died. I don't know if your commentary is meant to be divisive or you are just trying to stir up the shit for ratings. You are not helping your own. I see this and I live many miles away from you.
Posted on September 26, 2020
True and good blog.
Posted on September 26, 2020
Donald Trump is The only way in America for truth, freedom, wealth, peace This is a new age a new time for rebirth of our Constitutional rights our liberty of freedom are pursuit of happiness our in our security of safety are strengths of power And our acknowledgment of God to worship in any form of sacred religion our families and our businesses our coming and goings our Pride of our Flag and For all whom serve and died for you and I from generation to generations In America we Are all one we don't see black or white yellow or red we Our the Great Melting pot of one nation all serving the same God
Posted on September 26, 2020

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