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Good leadership matters it's ime for change with local NAACP
Organization should open to new ideas, people
Published Sunday, September 20, 2020 11:06 am
by Kojo Nantambu

The writer is former president of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP.

Leadership is the quality one embodies, which enables or allows one to lead, influence, or guide others be it individuals or groups. The manner in which one executes leadership can give strength, power, direction, and identity to the follower(s). It can also engender the fluid relevance of the organizations’ goals, objectives, even its existence.

Leadership style and character is as varied or diverse as the personalities that exercise it. Whichever style is best or most effective is dependent upon the current existing constituents. The people only can decide if the style of leader and/or leadership being employed represents or misrepresents the entire “body collective.”

Leadership has always been the quintessential factor of every successful and/or unsuccessful organization, business, church, army, or corporation. It is without question that good leadership inspires, motivates, creates, emboldens and gives identity to the group as it executes and carries out its constitutional mandates. As so goes the leadership, so goes the organization. And this is so particularly relevant to the NAACP.

The Charlotte NAACP is a branch with a storied history of success, but as is with everything in life, changes come and affect everyone and everything. The current organization is set for some needed changes. It’s election time in the nation and election time in our local NAACP branches; local or national, governmental or secular, the principles of leadership basically are the same:

1. Both Trump and the current Charlotte NAACP president resist and disregard standard tried and true rules of governance of their position. Both think they are the savior of some sort, according to their own conversations.

2. And just as the country is a lot worse than when 45 took over, so is the Charlotte NAACP since her presidency. Though she has made many accomplishments, there has been great pain and loss, not to mention image deterioration and conflict in the community among supporters and participants. Totally abandoning Malcolm X’s principle of “airing our dirty laundry” or anybody’s dirty laundry, that is not what we are about. There is no need to cast aspersions on anyone to get an upper hand or disparage your brothers, sisters, or allies for public consumption and entertainment.

The unmistakable, incontrovertible quality of Black leadership is to love the people more than one’s self, to put the goals and objectives of the organizations above our own -

“You cannot lead the people if you do not love the people!” is an ancient African philosophy.

The heart and soul of a true leader must be the foundation of his or her love and commitment to the people and the organization, which is normally and easily manifested in their display of respect for others no matter what their station.

Leaders must be honorable and principled enough to know when it is time to step down, especially if the state of the organization is worse than when you received it! Though things always happen and none of us are perfect, “the supreme consciousness” of a true leader compels him or her to step down for the betterment of the organization or at least have a very fair and just election without threatening and intimidating potential challengers.

It is time for new leadership in the Charlotte NAACP and let it occur graciously and peacefully – not in a Trumpian manner. Being a leader is hard, very challenging mentally and spiritually, but the sacrifice is worth the work! Our morals and values should always be greater than our egos and selfish visions of grandeur.


As a previous post mentioned, this reads like a political attack ad. Disgraceful. How dare you mention Trump in the same breath as Corine Mack's name. No matter how one feels about the state of an organization or who leads it, there is a way to communicate and inspire change when warranted. Furthermore Kojo, much of the same criticism can be said for your tenure and "leadership," so it's unimaginable that with zero self-awareness, you allowed yourself to be used in a hit job directed at a woman who has walked the walk for black and brown people. So, cut the quotes, scholarly references and get your house in order. Thankfully, this piece was seen for precisely what it is-a hit job. Those are the movements of Trump. Cowardly and foul. Moreover, The Charlotte Post needs to be completely checked for even posting this BS. Shame on all of you who would greenlight this thoughtless trash.
Posted on October 14, 2020
Kojo obviously doesn't know Corine Mack very well. If he knew Corine then there is no way that he could compare her to Trump. This opinion piece reads like a political attack Ad. Kojo insinuated that Corine does not love the people. One thing that I know for sure is that Corine Mack loves people with an emphasis on black and brown people. She says it all the time but she also backs it up with action. Corine gives her all for black and brown people. A few months ago the Charmeck NAACP held several amazing protests for justice. One of those protests was in regard to CMPD trapping and gassing Charlotte citizens. Corine Mack was not able to attend the protest because she was hospitalized. I remember Corine having the executive committee hold a Zoom meeting the night before the protest. Corine could barely speak but she joined the meeting from her hospital bed. She was fired up . I seriously thought that she was going to make her condition worse because she was so upset about the injustices going on across America and in Charlotte . She even watched the protest from her hospital bed the following day and she reached out to the executive committee members during the protest to ensure that everything went right. Corine Mack was more concerned about the people than her own health. I believe that she would have rolled the hospital bed around the protest march route if the hospital let her. I don't know about Kojo but I want a leader that has that type of passion for the people.
Malcolm X once said "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman." This opinion piece comparing her to Trump proves brother Malcolm's point. Corine is not perfect but she is the perfect one to continue leading the Charlotte Mecklenburg Branch of the NAACP.
Posted on September 27, 2020
The minister taking the time to listen then put action behind her words moved me nd after a discussion with older family memebers who are also memebers in their respective states, I too decided to put action along with my words and joined the Charlotte Branch.
I myself, would fall in the category of low socioeconomic background and am doing my best to pull my family and myself out of that category because it is not due to a lack of intelligence on my part.
Minister Mack has always made herself available to my family and any unjust racist discriminatory behavior brought to her attention gets addressed!
I must say it feels great to finally be heard because it's the people in my category who goes abused unnoticed and unprotected!!
Posted on September 27, 2020
Let me say that to North Carolina NAACP used to stand for baroness integrity and equal justice wall I now see that it is possible for a member of the NAACP to attack one of our female leaders and nothing to be said about it I don't understand the thought process behind this attack but what I do know is it is not acceptable in any form or in any way.. It is time for the male leader ship and NAACP to stand up and say that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in any form or fashion. If you have a grievance with someone you should be man or woman enough to approach that person in person and make that grievance known to them and not a dirty laundry in public. It would seem that those those dead 10 to compare President Matt to Donald Trump Wack and more like Donald Trump and probably a lot worse is they are members of the oldest civil rights organization in the world. It is my hope and desire that those that are making these accusations have the proof of what they're saying and not just their opinion it is past time for this type of behavior to stop we are in a battle for just a pure existence here on this earth as African-Americans. We do not have the time For character assassination specially about female leader ship it is hard enough down to make it in this world as it is without the man that should be protecting them coming against him in such a manner as punishing a article in the local newspaper it is downright outrageous that you would even think to do such a thing. Just because you choose To disagree with an individual does not give you the right to publish in the paper your differences of opinion. I think it's high time that we call lees people to task expose who they are and let the chips fall where they may this is very a very disgusting behavior and it seems to be an ongoing problem with in our organization. This behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you so much have a blessed day Raven Don Mathews president of Randolph county NAACP
Posted on September 24, 2020
What ridiculous claims these are! In the six years of her tenure, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch #5376 has always been in compliance with the National organization. That can't be said of all prior administrations. They don't want to air dirty laundry, likely because they have plenty. I suspect that this ouster attempt is retaliation for Minister Mack winning the upcoming national convention for Charlotte, and not agreeing to turn it over to the State Conference to hold in Raleigh. I will concede that sometimes Minister Mack can be less than diplomatic, especially if she thinks your behavior is harmful to the Branch, or our communities of color. If you are a public servant not serving the black and brown communities of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, you will hear her roar, publicly. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Posted on September 24, 2020

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