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It's up to white people to end the fatal sickness that is US racism
Their access to privilege weighs upon America
Published Friday, May 29, 2020 10:52 pm
by The Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Protesters rallied in West Charlotte to call attention to the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earlier this week.

America is sick and wheezing.

Its wounds are festering with open warfare on cultural issues and political seizures that haven’t been this violent since the height of the Vietnam War in the late 1960s. On the other hand, that old-time tradition of killing her black inhabitants continues unabated. Notice we didn’t say citizens. We’re subjects, controlled by law but looked down upon as inferiors, somehow less than human in the view of the ruling class. That means white folks, who due to privilege and their literal death grip on the levers of economic and social power, have us in a chokehold meant to squeeze the life out of us for their perception of superiority.

It’s time they let go.

The police are after us, putting a knee on our collective personhood while their colleagues in blue refuse to lift a finger as intervention. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is but the latest example of protect and serve that doesn’t take black people into account for much of anything other than a real or imagined suspect. Angry and well-intentioned protesters take to the streets again, violence against property breaks out again and chances are that outside of the arrest of the officer who killed Mr. Floyd, nothing of lasting consequence happens, again.

For that to change, white people are going to have to get themselves together. The republic’s future is riding on it because America can’t go on like this.

No right-thinking person would want what happened to Mr. Floyd, or Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia in February or Danquirs Franklin in Charlotte last year, to befall their brother, father or friend. Whether it’s a knee to the neck in a Minneapolis street or a bullet at a fast food restaurant on Beatties Ford Road, America is raging with the fever of extrajudicial violence against black people. It’s an underlying condition of the racism that has bound us together for 401 years, leaving the children of Africa angry targets and white people afraid and desperate to stay on top.

Protests will only go so far because the disease is eating at whites to the point they’re nearly consumed. COVID-19 is a pandemic; white privilege and its resulting hatred is a hyper-pandemic with a four-century head start on these shores. Statistics can't even start to tell the story of pain and suffering this pestilence has caused.

Americans have a tortured relationship built on a foundation of forced bondage, designed upon a sense of entitlement that has left even the poorest and ignorant of whites believing they’re the mystical master race, superior to the most accomplished and brilliant people of color. They have the understanding that a phone call to law enforcement is a call to their security service, sworn to deal with black, brown and yellow people they assume aren’t worth the air we’re breathing.

It’s resulted in vigilantes roaming neighborhoods looking to stand their ground even when a black jogger is out for a run. We’re knee deep in hypocrisy where our leaders dispense high-falutin’ fallacies about equality and opportunity when the reality is much more grim, dark and deadly.

Charlotte is no exception. The police have a sordid relationship with us, but so does local government and the business community that to this day work hand-in-hand to restrict our physical, social and economic movement. No, you don’t have to go to Minneapolis, New York or Los Angeles to see what’s wrong with white folks. Check out our back yard.

Being an American is a good thing, unless of course, you’re black and conscious. If you are, you can’t help but be simultaneously angry and worried that trouble is always around the corner in the form of rabid law enforcers who wouldn’t mind putting us in what they perceive to be our rightful place. On the other hand, it could be the white civilian who demands your identity and business when they believe you’re out of place by handling business.

It’s up to white Americans, who, after all, benefit from this malady, to make an honest diagnosis of their collective racial animus and get to work on a cure. We’re ready to help.


It is not up to white people. White people are the greatest race of all time. Quit trying to pull down the great white race.
Posted on June 10, 2020
Wow, what an out of touch and racist article! Stoking the fans of racism. The overwhleming majority of americans are not racist. There are small segments of each population, black, white, brown that are racist. Obviously the writer fits into this category. To state that local government is racist against black americans in Charlotte is laughable. Charlotte is controlled by democrats, mostly black americans. It is time for everyone to collectively look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for their own problems, white, black or brown!
Posted on June 4, 2020
Thank you for this informative article explaining the causes and effects exsisting in our American culture today. Racist inequality must end...
Posted on June 3, 2020

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