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Storytelling with twist of technology to cope with COVID-19 pandemic
Workshop for creative community
Published Monday, May 25, 2020 9:34 am
by Ashley Mahoney | The Charlotte Post

Spoken word artist Hannah Hasan led a virtual workshop on "Storytelling as self-care for artists" to help creatives cope with professional and personal challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Storytelling can be self-care during a pandemic.

Charlotte spoken word artist Hannah Hasan led a virtual Arts & Science Council workshop for creatives on May 21 titled “Storytelling as self-care for artists.” The initial concept for the session was a storytelling masterclass. Hasan intended to lead the class as a means of teaching participants how to tell their own story as a creative or of their brand. Then she rethought it.

“This needs to be about what we’re going through right now,” Hasan said. “When everything started, I know a lot of my artist friends and me as well, the initial thing was, ‘now I need to figure out how to use this time to expand my career, make the most out of things,’ and all of these other things. At some point, most of us have come to a point of yes, I can create during this time, and I can take this time to look at my career from a different angle, but I also have to prioritize my own self-care.”

The class was designed to be small in order to allow creatives to connect, share experiences and dig deeper.

“I asked specifically for it to be a small class, where we can dig into some of the experiences we individually have had during this time, and share those with each other,” Hasan said.
Hasan, like many of her fellow creatives, went from booked and even full calendars with speaking engagements, performances and gallery openings to nothing almost overnight.

“By Friday of [the previous] week I got an email that said 100% that my pre-booked gigs for 2020, that had been booked before coronavirus, at this point had been canceled or postponed,” Hasan said. “That’s money, but it’s not just that. It’s my purpose. Much our work is based on the fact that people have to come and be a part of it. To go from a really busy weekend of masterclasses and speaking engagements to have the bottom fall out, I know not what to do with myself. A lot of other artists are feeling the same way. That doesn’t change where we are, but at the very least, we can talk to each other about it, and find some community within these shared experiences.”


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