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The audacity of NCCU to offer hoops scholarship to Bronny James
Don't laugh off intent of coach LeVelle Moton
Published Wednesday, January 15, 2020 10:27 am
by Bonitta Best | The Triangle Tribune

North Carolina Central basketball coach LeVelle Moton (center) made headlines by offering a scholarship to Bronny James, 15, son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Because N.C. Central is a historically black college, the offer shouldn’t be taken as less than serious.

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For a brief moment, I thought LeVelle Moton had killed somebody, stolen a car and led the police on a high-speed chase down I-40.

“Did you hear what LeVelle did?” the caller asked.

“What? WHAT?!!”

“He offered LeBron’s son a scholarship.”

“O-o-o-o-o-kay. And….?”

Silence. “Uh, uh, it’s LeBron’s son!!! NCCU is an HBCU.”


Mind you, the caller graduated from an HBCU.

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Folks have gone stark-raving crazy over a scholarship offer since the news hit social media. So Bronny James has just started high school at Sierra Canyon in California. Kids younger than him have gotten scholarship offers.

So, he’s LeBron’s son. He’s not the first son of a famous basketball dad to follow in his father’s footsteps. And, for the record, he puts his shorts on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. His shorts may be a lot more expensive than ours, but they go on the same nevertheless.

No, the outcry or shock as you will from all this is the audacity of Moton to think that North Carolina Central would even be in the same ballpark – no, make that stratosphere – to offer “LeBron’s son” a scholarship. Who does he think he is?

I’ll tell you. He’s a coach who believes his basketball program is as good as anybody’s; who believes his university is as good as anybody’s; and who believes he can coach as good as anybody.

Bronny James is all of 15 years old and still has a way to go with his game. But, unless he suffers a career-ending injury, he almost assuredly is a one-and-done in college.

Why not NCCU?

The Eagles may not be in a Power 5 conference, but Moton’s relationship with players and coaches – current and former on all levels – is second to no one.


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It just disgusts me when alumni treat HBCUs as second class. They weren’t too low on the ground for you to get your degree there when nobody else wanted you.

And, so what if Bronny blows NCCU off? The world won’t end. He’s the one who’ll miss out on the magic of a packed McDougald-McLendon Arena with the music thumping, the students jumping and the cheerleaders bumping.

Bonitta Best is sports editor at The Triangle Tribune in Durham.


Hopefully more coaches will follow this action. If you don't inquire you will never know. I would love to see the day when our best and brightest would our HBCU's.
Posted on January 17, 2020
The Great Mel Blount has a son on the NCCU basketball team and a son on the football team.Mel was maybe the Steelers best player.
Posted on January 16, 2020
I was just thinking about sons of 2 ex NBA players that are riding the bench at Duke & Carolina. Why don't they go play for LeVelle? I could be wrong but I don't think that neither one of them are going to follow their Dad's careers
Posted on January 16, 2020
Los Angeles Alumni Chapter of NCCU is ready to assist Coach Moton in any way we can with recruiting top talent to the University. Let us know what we can do (aside from running afoul of NCAA regulations) and we most certainly will do so to help! Follow us @nccunla on the socials. And if any Student Athletes see this page, remember you don't have to be the son of a wealthy NBA player to come get a great education at NC Central! #EaglePride
Posted on January 15, 2020
It seems that people are upset because NCCU has offered a scholarship to a student-athlete whose family could easily pay the full cost of an education at NCCU, or anywhere. But imagine the revenue if he did attend. EVERY game would be sold out; people wanting to glimpse the son of an NBA star, and the possibility of that star showing up to cheer his son on. Think of the inspiration other players would (should) get by having someone so nationally touted, but still humble and respectful, sharing the court with them. I doubt Coach Moton would allow any game to become "The James Show", as he seems to value all his players and expect them all to leave it on the court at every game. For such a touted young talent to come to NCCU could only be a positive, as other young black athletes may more seriously consider giving up the "big name" schools for the more up close and personal experience and education they could receive at NCCU. It could more closely level the playing field, bring even more bright students to the rolling hills and verdant green, which could bring more opportunities for funding for programs and departments, more grants. Sure, he may decide to go to Kentucky or Duke or Gonzaga, but what if he does come to NCCU? Even if only for a one-and-done? The possibilities are endless.
Posted on January 15, 2020
People are unaware that LeBron and LeVelle are friends? You never know what's in store.
Posted on January 15, 2020
The coach put himself and NCCU on the map. He believes in his professional skills and the school to offer. He will experience so much the culture and traditions that we will not get at the Powerhouse school. Plus it will bring more students to HBCU schools. We need to take care of our future generations.
Posted on January 15, 2020
I absolutely agree with all that you said, that was an extremely disrespectful shit toward the school as well as the coach. All except the question of what they have to lose? I agree I live the idea of HBCUs offering top tier recruits but there are just some kids that prefer the Power 5 exposure even though many great players have come out of smaller programs. But each program only gets a limited amount of scholarships a year(I'm sure you're aware Of that seeing as your son play there) that they are allowed to offer so in some way you're missing out on those great athletes that just don't have the grades for power 5 schools because you offered that scholarship to a player who to be honest will probably go to a power 5 school (we don't know what that player is thinking but it's just a statistically based fan guess). So with that being said it's a tough situation for any coach so you have to respect the decision.
Posted on January 15, 2020
Well done coach.
Posted on January 15, 2020
It's sad that some products of HBCUs don't respect the quality of their university. I went to NCCU and NCA&T and herald then both to the world.
Posted on January 15, 2020
I don't see anything wrong with going after a top notch player, especially when it doesn't cost any money, and doesn't take a lot of time. As a proud alum with NC A&T, with a son currently playing at NCCU, I wish more coaches would follow suit and offer 4 and 5 star players.
Posted on January 15, 2020
I totally agree. I'm glad NCCU offered, why not more HBCUs offer higher level guys. You have nothing to lose.
Posted on January 15, 2020
People forget, there was a time when HBCU's were the only option for Higher Education for Black People. Tremendous minds of all areas of the professional atmosphere have come from HBCU's. Allot of people are and have been successful, we all don't distribute street pharmaceuticals to get income. HBCU's have challenges like other institutions, the main hiccup is money. One way start having that money flowing back into the HBCU institutions is Athletics. If the Heir to the NBA were to grace the halls of NCCU, just think of the many that will follow. Don't get it twisted, NBA offspring have blessed HBCU courts in not so far pass. The son of Dennis Scott, Ryan Scott, who led the Golden Bulls to multiple CIAA Tournament Champions. For one second, image, Bronny James, NCCU, MEAC Champions, and Playing Duke for the National Championship! To make it that even more sweet, Hillside leads the Victory parade down Fayetteville Street! Eagle Pride #ChidleyHallAnnexForever #FewGardens
Posted on January 15, 2020

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