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Everyone seems to have a political and racial axe to grind
We have equal opportunity to shape future
Published Monday, January 13, 2020 10:00 pm
by Teri Johnson

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I am getting tired of the race card being pulled for so many reasons.

You have the white people who complain they have to work hard for everything they have and get nothing for free, You have the black people who feel they do not get the jobs or the money they should get because they are not white.

You have Hispanic people who think they are being slighted all the way across the board from both black and white and they get a bad name from the ones who come into the country illegally.

And now we want a voting system that lets everyone who is a citizen have the chance to vote one time. We have a voting system that now lets us vote the way we want to and not your neighbor coming in to vote their way using your name. We have a voting system in which we voted in North Carolina we wanted voter ID and now we have it. So, what do we do? We bellyache about having to show an ID. There is nothing prejudiced about having to show ID – everyone has to do it.

If the new law said everyone but black people have to show ID, if everyone over 5-foot-9 has to show their ID, if everyone with blue eyes has to show their ID then THAT is being prejudiced.

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It is time people start waking up from the “all about me” society. It is not all about you, it is all about us, a community, a country. White, black, red, yellow, male, female – all of us!

Start appreciating what you have and where you live. There are countries that kill people who go to vote, some countries you do not even have the opportunity to vote, and what about the people thrown in jail for their religious beliefs and all we have to do is show a photo ID of who we are, go into a booth and vote however we want.  Now we get all up in arms about it not being fair. Every single time someone in politics tries to do something to help (and it doesn’t even matter if they are Democrat or Republican), every time a government agency tries to come up with new programs to help, all we hear is it is prejudice. Whether it is a good idea or bad, no one cares. They just want to retaliate just for name sake.

So, let me understand this, it is OK for you to show your ID at the ABC store so you can drink on Friday night, but it is not OK to show an ID when it comes to changing our nation’s political representatives? Really?

Well people, it is time to stop whining, whimpering and talking out of the side of your neck. Time to pull your big girl panties on or your big boy briefs and get over yourselves. Instead of bitching and bellyaching, try just try to do something positive.

Teri Johnson lives in Charlotte.


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