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A week's worth of celebrations honoring black girls’ magic
TeamBlkGrlFly at Camp North End
Published Thursday, September 19, 2019 10:22 am
by Ashley Mahoney | The Charlotte Post

TeamBlkGrlFly founder Davita Galloway. TeamBlkGrlFly Week, a celebration of African American women kicks off at Camp North End on Oct. 1, culminating with the A Seat at the Table Awards on Oct. 6.

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Charlotte rarely offers black women a seat at the table, so they built their own.

TeamBlkGrlFly Week kicks off at Camp North End on Oct. 1, culminating in the A Seat at the Table Awards (ASATA) on Oct. 6. Dupp & Swat co-founder and TeamBlkGrlFly creator Davita Galloway was on The Creatives podcast to preview the week packed with events celebrating black women.

“TeamBlkGrlFly is a platform that I created to highlight and celebrate black women,” Galloway said. “It’s a reminder. It’s a championing for them. It’s letting them know that they are fly as they are, and they don’t have to conform or present a different person to appease other groups.”

A calendar of events from the week include:

Oct. 1 | The First Supper
“We’re celebrating queens of hip hop via a culinary experience,” Galloway said. “We have six chefs, and they are creating dishes based on a female-centered group in hip hop, or just a solo act. Six chefs and mixologist—there will be a costume contest, so you can come looking like Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, or even Cardi B. People preset are going to judge.”

Oct. 2 | Songbird
“It’s hosted by Jessica Macks, and she has pegged four vocalists,” Galloway said. “They’re going to do tributes to legends.”

Oct. 3 | Live in Color
“That’s presented by Brandi Williams and Beverly Sands of ‘Bea N’ Bev,’” Galloway said.  “The workshop is a trauma workshop, and it’s going to allow us to address the trauma, the fear, all of the things that are holding us back and determine ways that we can move forward so we are living our best lives. Amidst all the fun, it was important to take some time to address the heavy. It’s needed.”

Oct. 4 |Pajamas & Pillow Talk
“I literally want women to show up in their pajamas,” Galloway said. “We have a panel, and we’re talking about everything from sex, dating, relationships—we have quite a few surprises.”

Oct. 5 | Fly Markets
“That’s a vendor’s mart. We’re still accepting applications,” Galloway said.

Oct. 6 | ASATA
“ASATA is the culmination of our entire week,” Galloway said. “It’s happening Sunday, here at Camp North End. We’re just super excited about the awards. It’s actually the second year of doing ASATA, but TeamBlkGrlFly has existed for three years.”

ASATA is a chance to highlight women who are out there getting the job done. They are nominated and voted on by the public.

“Last year we had eight categories,” Galloway said. “This year we have nine. We added an additional category: I am queer.”

Breaking down the categories:

She got juice

She is tribe

She is her
“She is her is like the ultimate boss-babe,” Galloway said. “In general, she is in charge of her life. She is a great dresser. She is definitely community driven. She knows what she wants, and she gets it. She is living her genuine, authentic life.”

She is dope
“She is dope is for the creative chick who is fly and artsy,” Galloway said.

She is bawse
“It’s just that—the female who is going above and beyond in terms of business and her entrepreneurial spirit,” Galloway said.

She is sincere
“She is the genuine of the genuine,” Galloway said. “You feel comfortable talking to her. She just shows up as her transparent self in all rooms, in all conversations.”

She is Nola
“She is very familiar with her feminine energy,” Galloway said. “She doesn’t try to tame herself sexually. It is what it is. If she wants it, she goes to get it without any qualms.”

She is fancy
“She is well-dressed,” Galloway said. “She steps out. People look. They turn. She catches the attention of many.”

I am queer
“We added ‘I am queer,’ because we wanted to be more inclusive,” Galloway said. “If we’re talking about all of us, then we have to talk about and show all of us.”

For more information about TeamBlkGrlFly Week:



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