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Opinion: Presidential free speech isnít free
Trump rhetoric is of little use to GOP, USA
Published Sunday, August 4, 2019 2:32 pm
by Dr. Ada Fisher

President Donald Trump.

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It pains me to hear my president tell four congresswomen of color, who are legitimate U.S. citizens, to “Go Back” where they came from and fix the problems there then come back and show us what has been done, if they don’t like the policies of this nation.

 The swelling ranks of crowds chanting “Send them back” in reference to the to and fro repartee currently engaged in by the President of the USA also is stirring a tinder box.  Every citizen, which would include the president as well as these women, under the U.S. Constitution has a right of dissent.

It is the 1st Amendment that is most important.  It is being trampled by political correctness and coercive news coverage that injects racism when none is explicitly stated.  I wish the president would quit tweeting but such is not likely to happen.  He needs to take a hint from fictional deputy Barney Fife of the “Andy Griffith Show” and just “Zip it.”

Freedom of . . .”speech, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances” are not only sacred to the constitution but so important as to be part of the 1st Amendment.  Following the unfortunate rhetoric currently in play, Americans need to remember that this land originally belonged to the Native Americans of which few of us have claims. They are more indigenous to the Americas than others and most black Americans trace their presence here to forcible entry for purposes of slavery.

This therefore is not a nation of immigrants as myths keep promoting for it is likely that only Native Americans can tell us all to go back from whence we came.  As their rights to fishing, hunting, etc. come under attack for being an encroachment on property others may want, the U.S. Supreme Court (5-4) finally got it right in holding that Native American hunting rights did not expire when Wyoming became part of the US in 1890.

It is in the formation of the nation’s 13 original colonies that Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, penned the Declaration of Independence maintaining that, “Prudence, will indeed dictate that Governments long established . . . when a long train of Abuses And Usurpations, it is their Right, it is their (the people’s) Duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future Security.” Whether the four women of color who are protesting many things, including the treatment of illegal immigrants, are motivated by such is unclear.

The 14th Amendment, Section 3 has a message for those who have taken an oath (and may waiver in their fealty to the U.S. noting) “as a member of Congress… support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given comfort to the enemies thereof… “which bring into question their rhetoric.

As a black, female, Jew with Native American ties, Registered Republican of over 50 years and a feminist who is both a traditionalist and constitutionalist, I support the documents of our founding fathers, for this nation was designed for people who want to be free to earn their own way exerting individual responsibility without the burdens of government telling us how to live our lives while willingly abiding by the nation’s laws.

Ronald Reagan’s 1986 grant of amnesty for illegal aliens did not work and such caravans continue to crowd our borders.  There are photos showing cages for illegal immigrants during the Obama administration where over a half million illegal immigrants faced deportations and family separations.  Such goes back for years and didn’t get a solution; yet rarely were these presidents called racist.

Trumps actions suggest “the buck stops here.”  To the president and others who are tackling the issue of illegal immigration, such has been a thorn in our side for over 100 years – “keep on keeping on.” The creative proposal to require that those seeking entry into this nation obtain visas from nations and screening clearance from nations they pass through before seeking asylum here is fabulously innovative. The emergence of typhus in California which led to the plague in years gone by or the World Health Organization noting the rise of Ebola in Nigeria and other places where people wish to leave should send off warnings to those who would allow entrance without screening.  The lack of ability of people speaking English continues to be worrisome.

The Trump presidential tone is often bothersome.  He is right on Illegal Immigration but wrong to support a brain drain from nations needing their own doctors, scientist and skilled workers when we have hundreds of qualified US applicants who are citizens and need that same opportunity. President Trump is right in his Small Business Plan, Judicial Reform and so many other works that help the masses.  Will he ever get positive coverage for this?

Don’t underestimate the numbers of Trump supporters for as my t-shirts noted, This Republican Understands My Problems.  Trump is taking on problems so often left on the shelf as a can to kick down the road.  Don't believe all the polls.  Do what is right for the nation.

Dr. Ada Fisher of Salisbury is a member of the Republican National Committee and former Salisbury/Rowan school board member.


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