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A side of racism to go with a pair of Charlotte Smoothie King orders
Customers referred to with slurs at 2 sites
Published Monday, June 3, 2019
by Herbert L. White | The Charlotte Post

A customer at the Smoothie King at Mount Holly-Huntersville Road in Charlotte was referred to with a racist slur on June 2. Another customer at the Davis Lake Parkway store was referred to a Jackie Chan on a receipt. Both employees were fired, according to Smoothie King's CEO.

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Smoothie King is anything but after employees at a pair of Charlotte shops referred to customers with racist language.

On June 2, a photo from the Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road location was posted on social media in which a customer was referred to as “nigger” on a to go receipt written by an employee described as Caleb. Tony Choi, a customer at the Davis Lake Parkway store, posted a receipt on Facebook in which he was referred to as “jackie chan.”

“My aunt just wanted a smoothie!” @miss_kyreh tweeted in response to the Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road incident. “This is ridiculous & sick, Caleb needs to be fired!”

Choi posted on Facebook: “I was just in this Smoothie King with my kids. Instead of asking for my name. Zack H. thought it would be funny to put “Jackie Chan” as my name. Being Korean, I find this very insulting. But the 3 employees working there at the time couldn't stop laughing about it. I experience racism here and there and usually doesn't bother me. Today I left this store furious on the inside, trying to not let my young kids know what just happened.”

Mujtaba Mohammed, who represents the Mt.Holly-Huntersville Road community in the N.C. Senate, tweeted: “To put it mildly. I am upset that Caleb or anyone in Charlotte would feel okay doing this. I am burdened by the path & process @SmoothieKing & their staff have chosen to take and at the end of the day, we all want to be treated with respect & dignity. That is not too much to ask.”

Smoothie King officials responded via social media that both employees were fired.

“Today, two instances happened in our Charlotte franchise stores that are totally unacceptable and go against every value that we stand for,” Smoothie King CEO Wan Kim wrote in a statement. “Two of our team members wrote inappropriate, racial remarks about our guests. We have zero tolerance for any action where a guest is disrespected, and we have taken immediate and decisive action.

“As of tonight, both team members involved have been terminated. Both stores will be closed until the franchisees and their respective teams complete further training on our standards and to ensure that nothing like this occurs again. Additionally, we are continuing our investigation to insure that any individuals involved in these situations have been terminated.

“This behavior does not in any way reflect our company’s commitment to creating an open and welcoming environment, and for that we sincerely apologize. Our senior management team is taking additional steps to reinforce and retrain all of our franchisee and store-level employees of our inclusivity policies and best practices.”


Mr. Choi stated "But the 3 employees working there at the time couldn't stop laughing about it." Are the other employees who were involved in this going to be disciplined, also? I would think that even if they did not write it on the receipt, something should be done to make them know that their actions are unacceptable.
Posted on June 7, 2019
My concern is whether along with the slur on the receipt came body fluids (spit, etc.) with their order. This is something that probably should be investigated as well; pull the videotape.
Posted on June 6, 2019
These days and times seems out of control, instead of uniting we have individuals that want to divide. There?s no place for you in society for this type of behavior, plain unacceptable
Posted on June 3, 2019

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