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Ram 3500 is way big, comfortable and powerful
Dodge truck is nimble, intimidating
Published Sunday, June 2, 2019
by Winfred Cross | For The Charlotte Post

The 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 truck is comfortable enough to use as an everyday vehicle.

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Ram has found a way to make a dual-wheeled work truck comfortable enough to use as an everyday vehicle.

I give you the Ram 3500, which is really good at what it does with about being overly cumbersome. The 3500 is certainly intimidating. Its massive front end is almost rendered girly by its even bigger rear end. As a dually, the rump on this thing is extra wide – extra, extra wide. You have to keep your eyes on the side mirrors because the rearview mirror isn’t quite enough.

The truck’s looks are quite handsome. The grille is huge, but not ostentatious. The body is wide but flares dramatically once you pass the rear doors. My truck had a regular bed, which would hold a good bit of cargo, which, along with towing, is what this truck is really meant to do. Configured correctly, the 3500 can haul up to 7,390 pounds. It can also tow an astounding 31,000 pounds.

The V8 HEMI with an eight-speed automatic transmission make this truck a beast. It’s fairly quick for its size. The cabin keeps much of gurgle it makes out delivering a much-appreciated quiet ride. Even tire noise is at a minimum.

Driving the 3500 is an easy thing at first. The sheer size of the vehicle made me a bit nervous. I was constantly checking those side mirrors. The steering effort was a little over boosted, but that made the truck easier to drive. The suspension soaked up all manner of road imperfections and delivered a smooth and nearly uneventful ride.

The interior was not only quiet, it’s a very comfortable place to be. The Ram’s interior has always been one of its hallmarks and the 2019 is no exception. The cabin uses quality materials and is finished very well. The gauge cluster featured two large dials with subdials flanking a digital screen. An 8.4-inch touch screen was on the right and controlled most of the vehicles functions. Overall, it’s a clean look.

The seating arrangement is pleasant. The large center console can be raised as a middle seat. It didn’t look very comfortable, so I would advise using the console. The driver and outermost passenger seats were very comfortable. The rear seats don’t have as much padding but there is a ton of leg and headroom. Also, there are actual power outlets to plug up laptops and things, as well as several USB ports.

The truck is not without its faults. Entering and exiting was a pain with no step-ups. This is a tall vehicle, so us short people have to grab the hand grip to get in. It wasn’t graceful and I nearly landed on my butt a couple of times. The truck’s weight keeps it from being light on its feet.

The vehicle’s size comes into play when you need to park. You need a lot of space. The wide rear end gave me fits. I always parked in the areas no one else wanted. I didn’t want the truck to get dinged nor did i want to intrude on someone else’s space.

That said, my overall experience with the Ram 3500 was a good one. Yes, it’s large, but it doesn’t feel as big when you are on the road. It’s comfortable enough to use as an everyday driver, but if you do not need a truck this tough, move down to the 2500 or the 1500. You can still do lots of work but can also doll up those models to look like luxury vehicles.

My test vehicle price out at more than $55,000. That’s about what big trucks cost these days. You can go less if you don’t need the dual wheels. If you do need that configuration, Ram claims to be the best in this category. After sampling the 3500, I think it may be right.


• Big, bold styling

• Solid work credentials

• Amazingly low levels of NVH

• Well-sorted interior


• Massive size

• A @#$% to park

• No step up for entry and exit

Email Winfred Cross at cross@alldaytech.com.


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