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Medicine women: New South Charlotte practice aims for wellness
Longtime friends join forces at Elev8MD
Published Wednesday, January 16, 2019 1:32 pm
by Ashley Mahoney | The Charlotte Post

Drs. Lakesha Legree, left, and Diana Newby-Boyd cut the ribbon at the opening of Elev8MD, a wellness center.

Drs. Lakesha Legree and Diana Newby-Boyd had to change the way they practice medicine to stay in Charlotte.

They opened Elev8MD (8000 Corporate Center Drive Suite 212) on Jan. 1 to remain in the area, as their contract with their previous employer ended on Dec. 31. To avoid a breach in their non-compete clause, they opened a wellness facility that specializes in Ketamine infusions for rejuvenation.

“The contract ended June 30, but we have still been working for the group a few days a month,” Newby-Boyd said. “Our contract with them ended Dec. 31, which is why we opened Jan. 1. We no longer had any responsibilities to them.”

Legree and Newby-Boyd worked at Atrium Health Pineville for nearly six years and became close friends. Their families became friends as well.

“It is a blessing that came out of turmoil,” Legree said. “Diana and I are anesthesiologists by trade. We were part of a large anesthesia group here in the city who unfortunately had some issues between the group who owned us and the hospital we worked for. We found ourselves out of a job abruptly.”  

Newby-Boyd’s parents moved to Charlotte to be close to their grandchildren. Neither Legree, nor Newby-Boyd wanted to move elsewhere.

“We love Charlotte,” Legree said. “As anesthesiologists, we use a medication called Ketamine in the hospital, which is good for chronic pain, and for chronic depression. What we found was that a lot of patients who were on narcotics or opioids were able to use this one medication to help cut back on the amount of narcotics needed during surgical procedures. At the same time, we found that those who were having surgery, who have mood disorders, such as depression, after the surgery, they found that their mood was much improved.”

Randomized control trial studies revealed the benefits of Ketamine for the mind and the body. Legree and Newby-Boyd did not understand why Raleigh had a facility offering such treatment, but Charlotte did not. Legree explained that the Raleigh clinic, Actify Neurotherapies, focuses on mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

“[In] randomized control trial studies, they found that Ketamine helped to reduce the symptoms of depression and helped with chronic pain to reduce the requirements for opioids, and people got off of narcotics all together,” Legree said. “We said, ‘this is how we stay. This is how we continue to serve in the capacity as physicians. This is how we continue to help our community without sacrificing our family.’”

Elev8MD offers ketamine infusions for depression at $425. A higher dose of ketamine is required for chronic pain, which costs $850. They also offer IV hydration, which ranges from $120-175. It is ideal for simple rejuvenation, hangovers, fatigue and athletes looking to improve recovery time.

The facility also offers individual or group counseling sessions that starts at $130 in addition to coaching at $160. Licensed massage therapist/Reiki Master Santa Giselle Madrigal offers massages, including deep tissue ($85), neuromuscular ($100), Swedish ($75) and Usui Reiki ($100). CBD oil to aid with pain can also be added to a massage.

Newby-Boyd, a graduate of historically-black Xavier University of Louisiana, earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She enjoyed being around surgery, but did not want to be the one holding the scalpel.  

“I liked the atmosphere of the operating room, but I didn’t like operating,” Newby-Boyd said. “I found it kind of boring. [As an anesthesiologist] you get to see the surgery. You get to take care of the patient. The anesthesiologist is the one who is taking care of the patient from the time you meet them. You put them to sleep. You make sure they stay safe during surgery, and you are there when they wake up. You develop a nice relationship with the patient, even though it is a short relationship that they might not remember.”

Legree earned her undergraduate degree from Notre Dame University and medical degree at the University of Iowa. Her husband Lance is a former NFL player.

“You have to be two things—you have to develop rapport quickly, and you have to develop trust [with the patient],” Legree said. “I’m a people person, so that was kind of my thing. Secondly, you have to know a lot about everything, because the decisions that you make you have to make them quickly. You truly are the patient’s advocate.”  


You both were often thought of, when you left Pineville. I hoped and prayed you all would be ok and find another opportunity soon. Congratulations! I?m so happy for both!
Posted on January 18, 2019
What a mighty God we serve! So glad to see your success and using your talent to enhance the lives of others!
Posted on January 17, 2019
Big congratulations to you Lakesha !!! What an exciting new venture for you. Wishing you success and prosperity in this endeavor, sweetie !!
Posted on January 17, 2019

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