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Cadillacís brilliant and bold CT6 re-imangines luxury
Sedan earns attention with curves, features
Published Saturday, November 24, 2018 2:46 pm
by Winfred Cross | For The Charlotte Post

Cadillac CT6 remakes the luxury sedan.

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It’s been a while since Cadillac was on my list of luxury cars to own. There have been a few things that I really liked such as the CTS and the glorious CTS-V station wagon, but mostly the brand was an afterthought. Now there’s this CT6, which just got my full attention.

Yes, Caddy’s full-size luxury sedan is something to really get into. It looks like a stretched version of the CTS, a handsome mid-size car in its own right. The CTS adds a bit of flair with a combination of curves and sharp angles that shouldn’t work together, but somehow, do. The look is bold and elegant, with a touch of brutishness. I like it.

The interior has got a lot of wow factor. Start the car and the dash comes alive with what looks like a Cadillac promotion video, which sweeps across the dash to the 10-inch touch screen. The gauge cluster is digital and you can change the information displayed. Real wood inlays, metal and leather are everywhere – from the heated steering wheel to the heated outboard rear seats. The front seats are buckets with 16 different power adjustments each and are heated and cooled. The rear seats are nearly as comfortable. Everyone but the middle passenger gets heated seats.

All rear passengers will enjoy the ample amount of leg, head and hip room. There’s certainly room to stretch out and enjoy the surroundings. You can opt for a rear seat infotainment system (which my test car didn’t have) to pass the time during long trips.

Taking a long trip is what you will want to do just to sample the magnificent 3.0-liter, twin turbo V6 that makes 404 horsepower and 400 pounds feet of torque. The engine sends its power to all wheels through an eight-speed transmission with paddle shifters mounted to the steering wheel. This is an absolutely wonderful combination. The transmission flicks through gears with a buttery smoothness you’d expect from a luxury car.

There is plenty of power to pass on the interstate and to attack some empty and inviting twisty roads. This baby handles very well for its size. It’s not as crisp as the CTS it’s based on, but it is a delight to drive.

If you get distracted from driving there is the Super Cruise system, which will actual drive the car for a short distance. The system only works on certain traffic setups. Engage the cruise control, push some buttons and wait for conformation and the car pretty much does the rest. Put on the turn signal and it will change lanes. The future is here. Yes, you do have to watch the road, but this car will take over if need be. It will also alert you when you need to take over. It was a tad creepy but this is certainly useful tech. Kudos to Cadillac for bringing this to market.

The ride isn’t the usual feel from a Caddy. It doesn’t float or waft around, but it’s not harsh. At times it felt jittery, but for the most part the CT6 delivered a comfortable ride.
The cabin is extremely quiet on the road. Not much noise gets in. My test car was equipped with a superb Bose Panaray stereo system, which took advantage of all that quiet. With a total of 34 speakers, the system envelops you in a cocoon of sound. It’s truly a remarkable achievement for Bose. This is one of the best original equipment systems I’ve heard.

So, how much does all this goodness cost? The CT6 Luxury with all-wheel drive starts at $69,295. Standard equipment for the CT6 includes 19-inch machined wheels, 3.0-liter twin turbo V6, heated and cooled leather front seats, heated leather rear seats, dual zone climate control, heated steering wheel, 12-inch color gauge cluster, 10-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, sunroof, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, streaming rear view mirror, hands-free trunk release, Bluetooth connection and 4GLTE hotspot.

There were two major options packages. Super Cruise, which included adaptive cruise control, night vision, magnetic ride control, active rear steering, 20-inch ultra bright wheels for $5,000. A Bose Panaray system that includes 34 speakers goes for $3,700.

The wheels were 20-inch midnight silver at a cost of $2,095. With a few more options and destination, the as-tested price came to $81,990.

This isn’t the most expensive car I’ve driven but, well, it’s expensive. Is this car worth the price? That depends on your needs and how deep a pocket you have. You certainly need to put Caddy on your shopping list if it’s not already there.

Email Winfred Cross at: cross@alldaytech.com


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