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Marathon men go the distance for challenge
Black Men Run Charlotte win relay
Published Wednesday, November 7, 2018 8:14 pm
by Ashley Mahoney | The Charlotte Post

Black Men Run Charlotte won big in the Charlotte Marathon.

They won first place overall in the relay, finishing nearly 10 minutes ahead of the second place team. When BMRCLT captain Greg Washington realized that only the top three teams would place and there were no awards based on age groups, coming in first became the only option. Washington, 52, assembled his team: Herman McKinney Jr. (53), Shawne Carew (51), Darius McIntosh (34) and Darius Moore (31).

“I wanted to put together a relay team of everybody who is over 50, because I thought they were going to have age group awards, but then when I found out that it was only going to be the top three teams, I said, ‘well, I kind of want to win. Let me incorporate some of my young gunners in here.’ So I recruited the two Dariuses to run with because the three of us are over 50, and those guys are in their 30s.”

Carew and McKinney dove right into the challenge.

“For guys over 50 to still be able to compete with the young guys, I thought it was a great opportunity for us,” Carew said. “I was like, ‘yeah, let’s do it.’”
Said McKinney: “I was all in initially. I just wanted to make sure that I was fit and ready to compete, because we wanted to come home with some hardware, so mission accomplished.”

Moore, a running and fitness coach, knew the challenges ahead of them.

“I was skeptical only because I heard the news about the top three times,” Moore said. “I was like, ‘man, we are going to have to really train hard to compete.’ Once I heard that they were all in, and they were doing track workouts, hill work, they were pushing themselves in private, as well as all of us training together, I had to respect it. We went out there and left it all on the pavement.”

While the race is over, the competitors shared their experience with fellow runners at their weekly Monday night run at Ultra Running Company (1750 Camden Road).

“For me, it’s therapy,” Carew said. “It’s stress relief. I run not only to stay healthy, but to stay emotionally and physically healthy well as well. I love it. The pavement is my therapy.”

Said Moore: “What brings me out every Monday? The camaraderie. Running with my brothers. I run with a lot of different groups. I train kids. I coach two different run groups, but when I come here, it’s therapy. It’s a release. The reason why we started BMR is to have a healthy brotherhood, to have a healthy outlet. I feel like our group exemplifies that to the max.”


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