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ESPN documentary highlights Charlotte Secondary School
'Crossroads' focuses on lacrosse team's success, loss
Published Wednesday, August 15, 2018 10:12 pm
by Ashley Mahoney | The Charlotte Post

NBA All-Star Chris Paul is executive producer of “Crossroads,” an ESPN documentary on the lacrosse program at Charlotte Secondary School.

“Crossroads” proves that lacrosse doesn’t have to be a rich, white kid sport.

In 77 minutes, the ESPN Films documentary makes you forget that you sat down to watch a sports movie. Instead, you see the best and worst in humanity.

“You get a chance to see the true meaning of a coach, and how a family is formed,” said executive producer, NBA All-Star and Winston-Salem native Chris Paul. “I’m 33 years old, playing in the NBA, and I’m a part of a family now, because I still have a coach, and I have teammates. This film really gets to show you that you spend much more time with each other than you actually spend with your own family.”

“Crossroads” highlights the vision of former Charlotte Secondary School athletic director Teddy Walker, who foresaw what access to lacrosse equipment could provide for his students—a way to see that the world is much bigger than Charlotte, and to use the sport to pursue a college education. While the film chronicles the rise of an unlikely team at a school without proper athletic facilities, it also touches on Walker’s unexpected battle with stage-four cancer, chemotherapy and eventually death.

“Mr. Walker was a father figure to all of us,” said Charlotte Secondary alumnus and current Catawba midfield Xavier Hare. “Having to see him in such bad conditions was a real heartbreaker for all of us. It was actually unreal, because he was the strongest guy we knew at the moment. Seeing him in such a weak sad, state really hurt us all. He stayed positive, and he made sure that we shouldn’t be sorry. We should take this time that we have together, and make the most out of it.”

Said coach Bobby Selkin: “For those of you who know Mr. Walker, you know that he was a 6-foot-3, 220-pound, musclebound man. When you see in the film when he is so sick, and so thin, when we walked into the house, we weren’t expecting that either. We looked, and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, because we hadn’t seen him in a while. The loss of Mr. Walker is one of the most devastating things to happen to this community, because he was a father figure, not just to this lacrosse team, but to so many people—literally to the entire Charlotte Secondary School.”

The documentary is directed by Emmy-winning documentary producer/director Ron Yassen. It airs Aug. 23 at 9 p.m. on ESPN.

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