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Punch your ticket for these bucket list retirement trips
If you've got the time, see the world
Published Friday, July 13, 2018 5:00 pm
by Joyce Palmer | For The Charlotte Post

Summer seems to be the time to travel and the best thing about retirement is that you finally have time to travel.  

Whether you want to see more of the United States or explore foreign lands, the following list will help you find the perfect adventure.

Go to Europe
Europe is still an attractive destination, offering history and beauty everywhere you look. It is also a very connected place that is easily traveled by rail.
You can begin in Tuscany, Italy's wine country, and continue on to Germany and France, where luxurious hotels and old-world cuisine awaits you. When planning your trip, consider finishing with a shopping spree on London's famous Bond Street.

Take a road trip
If you prefer an old-fashioned road trip, go see the Grand Canyon. While it is often more of a family destination, it still has plenty to offer seniors and is close to Sedona, Arizona, where you will find comfortable accommodations complete with spa treatment at the end of the day.

The next leg of your journey can take you to the California coast, known for its beaches and rugged beauty.  Have you ever driven the Pacific Coast Highway?  Breathtaking!  To see even more of America's wonders, pick up old Route 66 in Los Angeles and drive all the way to Chicago.

Head to Australia
Visiting "down under" is not for the faint of heart because flying to this wild continent takes an average of 18 hours.

From the modern form of the Sydney Opera House to the dry heat of the outback, Australia offers a cultural experience like no other. There are wineries, museums, restaurants and ranches to explore, and it is best to set aside at least a month for your visit. It could be one of the best trips you will ever take.

Visit China
After Australia, consider making China your next travel stop. Beijing offers Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City palace, which was built in the 15th century and housed the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Shanghai has hundreds of wonderful restaurants and colonial-era buildings to spend time in.

Of course, the Great Wall of China still stands today as one of the world's most impressive and ambitious feats of architecture. If you are planning to visit China, ensure that you set aside a few days to walk the Great Wall and get a sense of its incredible history.

Enjoy a cruise
Perhaps you would like to relax and let other people take care of you during your travels. A cruise is the perfect choice for those times when you do not want to drive or constantly fly, walk or take a train.

You can stay in a luxurious room, enjoy five-star meals and take in the sights without having to worry about the details. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, select a cruise that is for seniors only.

There are many different cruise trips available to all parts of the world, and you can book your vacation online in minutes.

Retirement means your time is finally your own. Get the best out of your golden years by seeing as much of the world as you can.

Joyce Palmer is CEO and managing partner of JP Financial Group LLC in Charlotte. Telephone: (704) 543-6269.


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