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Hot fun in the summertime? Protect hair with these professional tips
Moisturize and take care with hairstyles
Published Wednesday, June 20, 2018 12:20 am
by Jaraya Johnson | The Charlotte Post

Taming a summer mane doesn’t have to be complicated.

Natural hair requires more attention during hotter months. Because of the heat and intense sun, there are necessary steps to take in order to stimulate a healthy head of hair. For African American women, protective hairstyles are usually the go-to, according to Yesenia Hernandez, owner of the SenKay Natural Hair salon in Charlotte.

“Women in the South usually wear braids and two strand twists because of the humidity,” she said. “In the North, in places like New York and Canada, they either choose to wear braids or their year-round style because it’s a bit cooler. In the Midwest, women of color are wearing braids or an Afro.”

Hernandez’s advice for natural hair is to pay attention to shampoo labels. Hair texture is important to know so the correct products can be purchased.
“Shampoo and hydrate,” she said. “The shampoo label should tell you what the shampoo does and what it focuses on. If it says ‘for dry hair’ or ‘moisturizing shampoo,’ it’s best for curls.”

Men should treat their head with the same love and care because protection against the sun’s rays and other conditions is key.

“All men, even bald men, should use a moisturizing shampoo because their head is exposed to the elements, unless they are wearing a hat,” Hernandez said. “With beards, they need to make sure they wash them in a circular motion so they get a good lather and it makes the hairs stand up straighter for a closer shave.”

Imani Muhammad, president of the Johnson & Wales University chapter of Collegiate Curls, an organization created for minority women and men wanting to embrace natural hair, believes there are options during the summer.

“Protective styles with extensions (braids and weaves), protective styles without extensions (2-strand twists, braid outs, and flat twist-outs), or leave it alone,” she said.

Muhammad credits three products as being the main ingredients in weekly hair care to keep the hair safe and protected.

“Naturally curly hair does require some maintenance, but it isn't meant to be extremely difficult to handle,” she said. “I would say find a great routine that follows the L.O.C. method Leave-In conditioner (that’s water-based), Oil (any kind best suited for your type), and Cream (which gives hair hold and leave curls defined until the next wash-day).”

Muhammad says frizziness is a problem for naturals during the summer, but there are options to eliminate it.  

“Unlike in the winter, where we see our hair drying out, the summertime's humidity and moisture in the air can leave our hair frizzy,” she said. “Try to use a product for your "C," or cream that will hold your hair intact. If you feel like that isn't enough, then try a frizz-defying serum. Serums have a similar texture to oils, but they aren't as moisturizing and help the hair look shinier and can tame any fly-aways.”

Though there are many useful hair care products for naturals, buying them can be costly.  Keeping a simple routine can go a long way.

“The summertime is usually filled with activities and a curly-girl on the go doesn't have time to lug around a basket of products,” Muhammad said.


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