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Endorsements for Mecklenburg County commissioners
Add Mark Jarrell in District 4 to incumbents
Published Monday, May 7, 2018 11:30 am
by The Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Mecklenburg County voters have a chance to vote for commissioners who are responsible for ordinances that cover the health, welfare and education of more than 1 million citizens. As a result, the board has a tremendous impact on North Carolina's most-populous county and we encourage voters give candidates all due consideration the job entails. Here are our endorsements for the May 8 primary.

Mecklenburg County commissioners at large

We back the election of incumbents Pat Cotham, Trevor Fuller and Ella Scarborough. Ms. Cotham is one of the most visible and community-oriented members of the panel, eager to engage constituents on issues facing the county, earning a reputation for open-mindedness that’s refreshing at any level of government.

Mr. Fuller has shown a willingness to understand the county and its people, and although he’s shown mercurial tendencies at times, is a committed servant to the county. We feel similarly about Miss Scarborough, the board’s chair. She’s a mature, capable leader who brooks no foolishness when it comes to conducting business. She’s tough and certainly worthy of another term on the board.

Mecklenburg County commissioners

District 2

Vilma Leake isn’t going to change. She’s feisty and combative to the point of grating, but no one doubts she’s committed to her constituents. Until a clearly superior challenger emerges, Miss Leake is the one.

District 3

George Dunlap has done a good job of evolving as a commissioner who has become a studious steward of the public trust. At one point, Mr. Dunlap had little issue with jumping into public spats and verbal brawling with critics or fellow commissioners. The years have seasoned him into a pragmatic representative who has worked hard at being better at his job.

District 4

We endorse Mark Jerrell in this race based on his previous work as a political activist and campaign director on several races, including Justin Harlow’s successful run for Charlotte City Council. We find Mr. Jerrell to be an energetic campaigner and highly engaged in working on solutions for Mecklenburg. We believe he will be a worthy successor to the retiring Dumont Clarke, and in some respects an upgrade, at least in terms of passion.



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