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Primary endorsements: Carmichael for sheriff, Merriweather for DA
Candidates have strong backgrounds and results
Published Thursday, May 3, 2018 11:13 am
by The Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Tuesday’s primary elections are an opportunity to set in motion the wheels of change for local and state politics.

If the presidential election of 2016 taught us anything, it’s that there’s a fine line between the government you want and what you wind up with. We’re encouraged by the passion and depth of good candidates running for offices locally and make these endorsements with the express interest of providing information on what we believe best represent our communities.

We believe Charlotte will be best served by experience and vigor to deal with challenges regarding issues that relate to public safety, education and economic mobility – critical factors in making our communities a better place to live.

Mecklenburg sheriff
Incumbent Irwin Carmichael and challenger Garry McFadden are examples of law enforcement professionals who have put their careers and lives into serving their community.

Both are passionate about what they would do as the county’s top elected law enforcement official, and we’re confident either would be more than competent in the job.

It’s a close call, but we’re backing Mr. Carmichael because he offers what we consider the lone charge of the Sheriff’s Office: keeping the community safe by securing the jails and courthouse.

Lost in the back-and-forth over the controversial 287(g) program is a basic fact: It’s a legal means to identify undocumented persons who could pose a danger to us all. Although participation in 287(g) is voluntary, we have no quarrel with Mecklenburg using the program. While activists contend local law enforcement shouldn’t do federal officials’ work, we believe drunk drivers, domestic abusers and sexual offenders – the top three categories of offenders snared by 287(g) – pose a threat to our safety.

Although the program’s original intent is to ID gang members who come into the U.S. illegally, we’re OK with its wider benefit as applied by Mr. Carmichael.

Beyond that, we’re impressed by the Sheriff’s Office’s evolution as a mechanism to reduce recidivism and produce inmates education and work opportunities. The department has North Carolina’s only high school program in its jails and runs a barber program that helps inmates earn a license that can give them a chance to become contributors to society.

Mecklenburg would benefit with either candidate, but in this instance, we’ll side with the incumbent.

District attorney
Spencer Merriweather, the interim DA, earns high marks for his engagement with the community on how the justice system works as well as explaining its inner workings. He’s shown a willingness to apply legal standards fairly and in doing so, has engendered the respect and faith of the community he serves.

We believe he’s the absolute best candidate for a full term.

State Senate
District 38
We endorse Joel Ford, who has proven to be a capable lawmaker who is that rare pragmatist open to reaching across the aisle.

In an era of polarization and political balkanization, Mr. Ford has been criticized for working with Republicans on some legislation. While his fellow Democrats are critical of such a stance, we find it a good idea to find common ground when feasible. We don’t consider it selling out to bring benefits back to your constituents.

District 39
Ann Harlan is our pick in the Democratic primary.

N.C. House
District 98
We endorse Christy Clark.

District 99
We encourage the nomination of Nasif Majeed, a former Charlotte Council member and fixture in the business and activism communities. Although he has been out of the political arena for several years, Mr. Majeed is quite knowledgeable and capable of addressing the district’s most pressing issues.

The incumbent, Rodney Moore, is mired in an investigation related to campaign finances, which we feel distracts from doing what voters sent him to Raleigh – represent their interests.  

District 101
With the retirement of longtime Rep. Beverly Earle, we endorse Carolyn Logan. Miss Logan, Asheville’s first black woman police officer as well as North Carolina’s first black women state trooper. Her background in law enforcement positions her to be a vital voice for criminal justice reform.

Miss Logan has earned  the Order of The Long Leaf Pine for service to the state and politically active as  president of the Black Women’s Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg and vice chair of the Mecklenburg County Commissioners’ criminal justice advisory committee. She’ll be a great representative.

District 102
Becky Carney, an incumbent stalwart for equal opportunity in social justice and education, is our pick.

District 106
Carla Cunningham, whose nursing background has been an asset in health care and social services issues, deserves another two-year term.


The Mecklenburg County Sheriff race is the hottest race in the city this year and The Charlotte Post did not even take the time to mention Antoine Ensley the other candidate that is running. He has worked for CMPD, has been a police chief and other law enforcement positions. He currently works for the City of Charlotte but you all couldn't even mention his name in this article. You all should be ashamed. #fakenews
Posted on May 4, 2018
So candidate for Sheriff Antoine Ensley was not even worth a mention? He is a candidate and the most qualified candidate. I am so very disappointed. This endorsement is biased and unprofessional. Money speaks louder than Blackness. This is what Trump's people would call #fakeNews.
Posted on May 4, 2018

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