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The Voice of the Black Community


Facing the N-word in this world
If blacks use it, others certainly will
Published Monday, February 26, 2018 2:57 pm
by Kareem Wilson

Contrary to what you’ve heard, there is no double standard for saying the word nigger.

February is Black History Month and part of our history deals with a serious phrasing that dates back hundreds of years ago.  The N-word is one of the most unique in our American history. It was used back in the days from the antebellum and civil rights movement era as an insult or derogatory statement towards the African American community and is still said in modern times.

White people have used the word for the past couple of centuries. It has made them feel stronger above us and have used it to downgrade us. “Nigger” is one of the most hateful words in our history. However, if is such a hateful word then why do we as Americans or us as a community, use the term in the first place?

To me, as an African American,  the definition of “nigger” is a prejudiced person who is less than society, while “nigga” is used for a different effect to say someone is their homeboy or homegirl. By using these types of phrases, we try to differentiate the two words and make one less harmful than the other.  We even get in arguments with other groups of people for accusing them of saying the word but in truth we also use it as well.

The black community has been called out many times for saying the word freely towards their own people. We can be seen or heard now in popular movies, songs, and television shows saying the word by our own group. With such a negative history about the phrase, why do we continue to use the term today? I can’t say for certain why we still say it, but I can say that the most influence has come from the media. With the free distribution of television and films being shown to a broader audience, there is a lot of opportunity for the word to come up and be heard by anyone.

We often might get upset by other ethnic groups using the “n” word but in truth we have to think about our usage because if it’s all right for us to say the word, we have to consider that others will feel the same way too.

Kareem Wilson is a senior at Winthrop University.


There is nothing positive one can say about the word, whether used by blacks, whites, or anyone else. Enough said! Jimmie Lewis Franklin (Historian)
Posted on March 9, 2018
Thank you for writing this. I hope more of your generation will agree with you.
Posted on March 5, 2018

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