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Move more, eat less: A recipe for fitness lifestyle
Combination is best for leaner look, feel
Published Friday, December 29, 2017 2:27 pm
by Ashley Mahoney

Is the key to losing weight as simple as moving more and eating less?

It is, according to Greg Clifton, head trainer at True 180 Personal Training Ballantyne.

“As far as achieving goals, you want to move more and you want to eat less,” he said.

Clifton suggests using a device to track daily movement.

“The fad right now is the Fitbit,” Clifton said. “I definitely recommend investing in something to track your steps. You’ve got to move. That’s the best way to track your movement, to ensure that you are active enough.”

Clifton emphasizes that tracking caloric intake is just as important as tracking movement.

“The key to eating less is to track your calories,” he said. “Download MyFittnessPal or some sort of technology that allows you to track your nutrition, so you can see what you’re putting in your body.”

Balance is key. While overeating causes issues, undereating can be just as detrimental.

“Ensure that you’re staying in what we call the calorie deficit, which means you are not putting in more calories than you use on a daily basis,” Clifton said. “If you are not using it, your body is going to store it as fat.”

More people are seeking out personal trainers to improve their health, rather than strictly their looks.

“Lately, it’s not necessarily vanity—wanting to look better—that’s bringing people in,” Clifton said. “I’m finding more and more people are coming in for health reasons. Their blood pressure is borderline. They might have osteopenia, which is the precursor to osteoporosis. They may be pre-diabetic, and their doctor is saying ‘OK, it’s time to start doing something.’ Some words you don’t want to ever hear your doctor say are ‘you have to start working out,’ because unfortunately if he or she is saying that, it’s not because your numbers are where they should be. If you don’t start doing something, your numbers won’t get better.”



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