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Sugar free no answer for weight loss
Calories should have your attention
Published Thursday, November 30, 2017 9:30 am
by Ashley Mahoney

Sugar free foods still have calories.

Holidays tend to bring on a weight gain of 6-10 pounds. While balancing the enjoyment of seasonal cuisine, exercise and alcohol intake may prove challenging, cutting corners does not always solve the problem.

“Sugar-free does not mean calorie-free,” said Novant Health registered dietitian Cheryl Kuhta-Sutter. “They can’t just eat more of it, because it’s sugar-free.”

Sutter advises people to consider sugar substitutes.

“Normally sugar free or no sugar added means that they’re going to add a sugar substitute or a natural sweetener, like stevia, to it to offset the actual calories from sugar,” Sutter said.  

Some believe that artificial sweeteners lead to cancer.

“There is a big stigma about artificial sweeteners,” Sutter said. “We do know that they don’t cause cancer. They are also on the generally recognized safe list. However, a lot of people have issues, or they are sensitive to those artificial sweeteners.”

However, it is possible to avoid them completely.

“If they don’t want to indulge in those things that are sugar free or fat free, then I would say to have a smaller piece of the other regular foods that they would like instead,” Sutter said. “Let’s say they want a dessert. Typically desserts are the ones we’re thinking about. Enjoy a smaller piece at the end of their meal. You’re already full, pretty much, from the other foods that you’ve had. Enjoy a smaller piece of that dessert that you’re thinking of. That will help decrease the sugar, and yet they can feel that they’re satisfied.”


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