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Time to have another discussion on the race problem
Economic inequality stirs conflict among masses
Published Friday, November 17, 2017 9:00 am
by Jean Busby

Many years ago, I was fortunate to take a black history class at University of Dayton.  In that era, we were referred to as black.  The one thing I remember is that the black female teacher kept telling her students, “There is no racial problem in the USA, there is an economic problem.”   

On Nov. 9, 25 Action NC seniors and five millennials came to a Fed Up Training. Fed Up is one of Action NC’s national campaigns targeting the Federal Reserve to enact monetary policies that promote jobs and wage growth in communities of color. Action NC is a local partner in the campaign.

The millennials learned and the seniors were reintroduced to structural and institutional racism facts and figures.  They learned that institutional racism helps the 1 percent white male elites stay in power, and that white male elites have for many centuries, used racial division to maintain the political and economic structures that keep them in power.  

This Fed Up Training reinforced that there is only one race: the human race. The idea that there are separate races is a human invention which confirms that “Race” is a set of social categories created by the white male elites for their own profit and ruling power. And therefore, there is a runaway economic inequality in our country because the top CEOs make 844 times more than the average worker.

According to Les Leopold, author of “Runaway Inequality, An Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice,” a top CEO makes $30.5 million and the average worker makes $36,134.  We are living in an era of extreme economic disparity and discrimination that demands action. There are few African Americans who have reached the platitude of living within and among the 1 percent of the white elites. Those few are now referred to by some who continue to face economic and racial issues, as sellouts to the elites and forgetting from whence they came.

There is an urging from the masses of passionate advocates and community organizers that the few African American 1 percent economic achievers reach back and lift up and make monetary donations to those communities that still deal with poverty and the devastation it creates. How sad it is that structural and institutional racism in our country is so imbedded in the very structure of society that the contributions of those few African Americans that do give back, their contributions are only Band-Aids on the real hard historical issues that race discrimination has perpetuated. 

There is a great need to face the fact that the resilience and strength, particularity among African Americans and Latinos, is restricted because of the continuing legacy of oppression and discrimination.

On Nov. 18, Action NC will host an in-depth conversation about the impacts of structural and institutional Racism on Women of Color from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The event will take place at the Midwood International and Cultural Center, 1817 Central Ave.  We will examine the policies that continue to create structural barriers to opportunity and success, and hear from women on the front lines in our city and state about how to dismantle racism and sexism, and do our part to organize and advocate for change.

Topics will include economic issues of special concern to women and families, immigration, and the increasing criminalization and incarceration of women of color. All are welcome to join in this timely and important conversation. Event information and registration can be found at:




Jean Busby is an Action NC community organizer.


I agree with BS above! Whites are tired of blacks (yes, still called blacks because there are white African Americans-wow; you didn't know there are whites in Africa?). First off, it is named Fed Up which has an anger overtone which only separates the races even more (no, race is not a human intervention; it is a God intervention). Just what is the Federal Reserve to enact monetary policies that promote jobs and wage growth in communities of color? Nice words, but uneducated people can't just "have" jobs and wage growth because they are black with nothing to offer except a body at 97.6F! So the CEOs make a lot of money. What about all of the black athletes that make in one football game what a CEO makes in a year? Also, where does your 844 times more statement come from? Your point? We all should be paid the same? Then move to a communist country. So you admit there is a way for blacks to rise up in the economic world because you complain that they don't reach back and basically offer hand outs. Shame on them. Maybe you should research why instead of just complaining. Then you say the resilience and strength of blacks and latinos is restricted. Education they need, not just strength. Now they are Women of Color. BS again! Black & white are not colors!!! They are simply shades. Look it up. So woven through out is the fact that blacks should not be called black; should be African Americans, Then they become "people of color." And the whole article is about being Fed Up because there are not enough hand outs. Bull Shit! Whites are Fed Up too. With blacks bitching about simply being black! I spent 5 yrs in college resulting in a degree in chemistry. Very few if any blacks in my chemistry, calculus, physics, etc classes and I went to public schools with blacks here in CLT.
Posted on November 19, 2017
Bull shit!! There are other "white" folks that are tring to survive as well. Most of the sports players are "black" and that aspires other of that "race" to think that that is the only way to get a leg up. Let's try going to school and trying to learn and escape that way. We are going about it the wrong way. I never had a slave and are tired of being treated like I did. GROW UP!!
Posted on November 17, 2017

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