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Table Charlotte- Recipes for the Week

Fall bowl recipe makes a cool meal for autumn appetite
Chicken, vegetables and yogurt combo
Published Saturday, October 7, 2017 6:47 pm
by Ashley Mahoney

Fall bowl with chicken, yogurt, onion, carrots, sweet potatoes, grapefruit and cucumber.

After months of unbearable heat, things have finally begun to cool down. Here’s a nutritious meal to make the season transition easier—the fact that it’s packed with fall colors is just a bonus.

Serves 2

2 chicken thighs

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 cup sliced onion

2 cups of sliced carrots  

2 sweet potatoes

1 large cucumber

1 grapefruit

3 teaspoons Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon butter

Dash salt

Dash pepper

Preheat pan until butter completely melts

Add onion and garlic

Thoroughly cook chicken—approximately four-five minutes per side

Steam sliced carrots, covered, in a small saucepan for 10-15 minutes in 1/4 cup water (option to add more butter)

Microwave potatoes for approximately eight minutes (stab with a fork several times before cooking)

Use veggie slicer on spiral setting to slice cucumber into a large serving bowl

Squeeze out excess liquid from cucumber slices

Place in a separate large serving bowl

Add grapefruit slices and yogurt

Stir to combine

Add salt and pepper to taste

Place carrots, potatoes, chicken and cucumber salad in desired serving dishes and enjoy!


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