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The Post endorses Vi Lyles in Democratic mayoral primary
Experience and leadership earns support
Published Thursday, August 31, 2017 1:14 am
by The Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles has The Charlotte Post's endorsement in the Democratic mayoral primary.

Charlotte’s mayoral race has a thick plot of good candidates, major cash flows and serious campaign issues.

Voters have made it clear they want competent leadership that can navigate the challenges facing a growing city with disparate forces tugging on resources and our collective course. When voters cast their ballots, we urge them to support Vi Lyles in the Democratic primary.

Miss Lyles, Charlotte’s mayor pro tem, has been an exemplary public servant as a former city employee, including budget director and assistant city manager. Her management background makes her the rare individual who has been directly involved in Charlotte’s day-to-day governance in addition to deciding the city’s path as a member of City Council.

We have no doubt Miss Lyles’ main rivals – incumbent Mayor Jennifer Roberts and N.C. Sen. Joel Ford – are capable and able candidates, but Miss Lyles has an impressive base of knowledge about Charlotte, its challenges and people.

While she and Mayor Roberts are similar in political leanings and temperament, Miss Lyles has a bottom-line mentality we believe best serves the city’s interest in critical areas such as trust in government, public safety and economic development and mobility.

Mayor Roberts is a consummate campaigner, but we find her mayoral record to be spotty at best. We were disappointed at her handling of protests and the police after the Keith Scott shooting, which was a major stumble in leadership. Her insistence on adding LGBT protections to Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance put the city on a collision course with Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly that haunts North Carolina to this day.

Mr. Ford, to his credit, has shown a willingness to work across the aisle with his GOP colleagues on initiatives in the state Senate, but we’re not convinced that skill will transfer should Mayor Ford go calling on Raleigh. He’s campaigned on improving public safety through more police, which is a good idea for a community suffering a spike in violent crime, specifically homicides.

Ultimately, we’re convinced Miss Lyles is the most capable and willing proponent of implementing a vision that moves Charlotte ahead.


A great article! I say this because not only is Vi Lyles a family member, but she has the experience of knowing the workings of the city.
Posted on August 31, 2017

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