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Couple mix, match secret sauce for business professionals
Online tools pair work assets to business
Published Friday, July 7, 2017 10:00 am
by Kareem Wilson

Charlotte entrepreneurs Dawn Nicole and Demario McIlwain created "What's Your Secret Sauce?" a new-age tool for developing relationship and personal brand marketing.
















What’s your secret sauce?

Entrepreneurs Dawn Nicole and Demario McIlwain are showing businesses how to discover their secret sauce in both marketing and relationships as hosts of the talk show “Good Morning Success” and creators of “What’s Your Secret Sauce?,” a new-age tool for developing relationship and personal brand marketing.

“The importance behind it is understanding your personal brand,” McIlwain said, “As we like to say, corporations and businesses have a secret sauce so we thought it was important that individuals also exercise and understand their secret sauce.”

Nicole and McIlwain first met in 2013 at a recording studio for a music project and reunited three years later. After leaving corporate America last year, she began to do business coaching and strategy and got back with McIlwain, who was doing digital marketing as a business owner. She is the owner of GrowGetter, a strategic brand to help people plan their business in the market and accelerate personal growth.

Nicole created “What’s your Secret Sauce?” by looking at the results people produced by filling out an online questionnaire. Responses are broken into five different sauce categories: Soy (speed), Aioli (accuracy), Unagi (uniqueness), Cocktail (command), and Emerald (empathy) and the goal is to find out which one fits them best. The purpose is to challenge professionals how to best fit their brands. Nicole said that in order for entrepreneurs to triumph they will have to know their worth.

“We can make more money at our jobs because we know our value,” she said, “You can’t get paid what you’re worth until you know your value.”
Business owners can find out what their secret sauce is by going to whatsyoursecretsauce.com and taking the assessment. Nicole says her sauce is unagi, while Demario is soy, making a combination of speed and uniqueness in their business.

“We actually used our secret sauce – the secret sauce we came up with – to not only make our business better but our relationship better” she said.


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