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Have a creative streak? There’s a place for that in the morning
Creative Mornings meets first Friday of month
Published Tuesday, November 24, 2015 8:44 pm
by Ashley Mahoney

Creativity does not show prejudice.  

Charlotte’s Creative Mornings’ Chapter invites everyone to bask in creativity.  

Organized by Charlotte copywriter and brand creator Matt Olin, Creative Mornings takes place the first Friday of every month from 8:30-10 a.m. with the exception of January, which takes place on January 8, at LaCa Projects, 1429 Bryant St. 

“There’s a mentality out there that there’s the creative set, and then there’s the rest of us, and we at Creative Mornings do not subscribe to that sort of division,” Olin explained. “The first line of our manifesto is ‘everyone is creative,’ and the last line is ‘everyone is welcome.’”  

Since Tina Roth Eisenberg founded Creative Mornings in 2008 in New York City, the project has expanded to 130 cities across the world. As one of the more recent additions, the Charlotte chapter, traditionally considered a financial city, includes a great deal of creativity.  

“If you missed the first event, it’s no problem,” Olin said. “Every event is a self-contained experience. Each event has its own theme. Each event has its own speaker—we build other things into the 90 minutes that we’re together that encourages engagement with each other. We’re going to feature different breakfast vendors and coffees and pastries and juices and all different types of things that are complimentary.”   

Registration for the December 4 event, which features writer Patrice Gaines, opens on November 30 at 9 a.m. While attending a session does not cost, registration is required. In addition to fresh coffee and breakfast, Creative Mornings allows individuals of various ages, professional pursuits, and varying walks of life to communicate, collaborate before returning to the office.  

“The first one, we had 200 tickets allocated, and we had no idea what to expect, and they were all gone in two and a half hours,” laughed Olin. “We’re at the beautiful LaCa Projects for the first six months. We’re going to see what we can do in terms of capacity there, and that sort of a thing. Depending on how the chapter grows organically we’ll determine phase two: do we start pivoting in terms of meeting at different spaces? Maybe stay at LaCa for some months [and] other months go to other venues—larger venues, more unpredictable or immersive type experience venues? It’ll be really fun to go through that phase too.”  

“The first way you can get involved is by attending Creative Mornings,” Olin explained. “We’re sort of tracking attendance and capacity, and things like that too, because as we grow, we’re going to want to adjust and pivot. We’re very inclusive by nature. We want the event to be able to accommodate as many creative Charlotteans as possible.”

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