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Change the world this summer
Ways to get your children volunteering
Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014
by Terri Fedonczak, Special to The Post

Do you really want your family to spend the summer watching T.V. and playing video games? Of course not. You’re better than that.

Instead, you can be a crew of Superheroes (capes optional) and do something to help other people.

This summer, make a conscious effort to find opportunities for your family to volunteer together and make a real difference in your community. There are a plenty of ways to get involved; it just depends on what interests your family. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Use organizations like the United Way as resources. Call a local chapter and ask what organized opportunities they offer in your area.

2. If you’re a family of animal lovers, call a local animal shelter or veterinarian’s office to see if they need help. Or, get a group of family and friends together and offer to help your neighbors with a pet sitting or dog walking service.

3. If you love seniors (and who doesn’t; they’re so funny and sassy), call local retirement homes to see if they need any help entertaining the residents. You and the family could stop by and chat with someone who’s lonely or organize a special event or a play for all the residents..

4. If the environment is important to your family, check events listings for any organized roadside or neighborhood cleanups. If you can’t find one, create your own. Create a campaign or program to encourage other families in your neighborhood or church to switch to do more to conserve and recycle.

5. Call a local community center or church and ask if they need help decorating for an event. You and your family can lend a few extra hands to help arrange flowers, paint banners, or make centerpieces. If anyone in your clan is tech savvy, maybe they could design a flyer or help create an ad for their website or Facebook page.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, put on your creative hat and come up with your own. Better yet, get your family together to brainstorm as a group.

Get up, get out and do something for others this summer. That way, your children will actually have something meaningful to say when someone asks they spent their summer. Do some research and come up with a few different options to get started.

Terri Fedonczak is a life coach, parent counselor and author of “Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting” and “Even if You Were Raised by Wolves.” Visit her online at www.girlpowerforgood.com.


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