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The fitness mantra: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition
Your health, energy levels and physique all depend on what you eat
Published Monday, June 16, 2014
by Andrea Royal

Location, location, location.  This mantra is drilled into every real estate agent’s brain as the number one rule of real estate. The sale of house and value of a property both depend on the location.

When put into a fitness perspective, the mantra is all about nutrition.

Fitness experts will tell you that body development, health and energy all depend on nutrition. You will not reach your fitness goals without taking into account what you are putting into your body. What you eat determines the results you will see. It’s all about nutrition.

I am a firm believer in the saying, “you are what you eat.” I have a weakness for pasta and bread. When I eat carbs in massive amounts, I may not literally become a Hawaiian Sweet Roll (how I love those), but my stomach certainly looks like one, a big one.

When my biscuit belly gets out of control, I know it’s time to get my carb intake in check. After cutting out sugar and eating more low sodium foods and leafy green veggies, my stomach goes down and no longer looks like there is another life forming in my midsection. The result is a flat stomach, and, dare I say, abs! 

With summer on the horizon, many of us are becoming more conscious of our weight and the way our clothes fit. When it comes to slimming down and getting your body beach ready, going to the gym, lifting weights and doing a lot of cardio are not enough to instantly give you the body you’ve always wanted.  Without nutrition being at the core of your fitness regimen, you will end up looking the same as you did when you started, if not bulkier.

In order to be healthy you have to eat healthy.  You cannot spend the summer eating funnel cake, ice cream, French fries, hamburgers and hotdogs and expect to see six-pack abs.  Your body takes time to develop and has to be fed foods that will aid in its growth. 

When nutrition is firmly at the center of your fitness regimen, results are sure to follow. Below is a food guide that will help curb your food cravings into healthier food choices:

Eat less:                                       Eat more:             

Chocolate                                      Nuts, veggies, fruits

Sugar                                            Fruit, eggs, nuts, spinach, cranberries, raisins, sweet potato

Carbs (bread, pasta)                      Fish, beans, nuts, high protein meat    

Greasy food                                   Milk, cheese, leafy green veggies

Salty food                                      Milk, nuts, seeds, fish

When it comes to restructuring your body and getting the results you want, just remember the mantra: nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

Andrea Royal is a Charlotte-based bikini fitness model. On her blog, "The Royal Truth: A Fitness Model's Story," the self-described shy, awkward, goofy girl from New York chronicles her journey breaking into the world of bodybuilding. Visit her website at qcfitnessmodeling.blogspot.com or follow her on Twitter @a_royalfit. 



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