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Campaign whining reaches for the heights
Congressional hopefuls wail over figures
Published Thursday, March 27, 2014 12:07 am
by Fly on the Wall

Fly on the Wall is satire wrapped around news of the day. It includes rumor, innuendo and a smattering of truth, for those of you who don’t know better or, since Fly’s been on furlough, just getting acquainted. 

Now that the disclaimer has been delivered, the legal beagles at the offices of Dewey Cheatham and Howe can bounce. Let’s start the mischief, mayhem and malfeasance, shall we?

• Fly is having a great time trying to figure out the 12th Congressional District race. You’ve got political veterans, kids on the come-up and a wild card or two. 

The Charlotte candidates – all 19 of ‘em, or so it seems – are trying to thin the herd to grab a bigger piece of their home base. And then there are the folks repping Guilford County hopefuls Alma Adams and Marcus Brandon who have been busy whining about poll numbers and fundraising in the media. 

Kyle Gott, Adams’ campaign manager, took exception to an article in last week’s Post about a poll commissioned by rival Malcolm Graham showing the N.C. senator’s name recognition was superior in the Queen City. That was short sighted, Gott maintained in an email, because it didn’t include the entire district. 

Brandon’s campaign, meanwhile, pooh-poohed Adams’ fundraising edge in the fourth quarter of 2013, claiming its man still had more loot than anyone else in the field. No one said he didn’t, just that Adams stacked more green than anyone from October to December.

A note to our Guilford friends: Run your campaign and stop the wailing already.  On second thought, it is good for business.

• It’s been nearly a month since the CIAA and Charlotte announced a six-year extension of the basketball tournament’s run here as well as relocating the league’s headquarters. Some CIAA fans and observers slammed the city’s $1.4 million payout to the league, a 40 percent increase over the previous amount., as measly  Critics didn’t have very kind things to mutter about CIAA boss Jacqie Carpenter, who backed the deal.

While $1.4 million sounds like small potatoes for an event that generates $47 million in spending, most folks missed the part about Charlotte and the CI recruiting NCAA Division II championship events to the city. Ultimately, that’s money for both sides. We’ll see how that works out and whether Ms. Commissioner wrangled a good deal for the league. Just keep the hospitality coming for Fly’s CI posse.

• N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis is backpedaling faster than a football cornerback these days over his academic credentials. 

Seems like the U.S. Senate candidate put waaaay too much shine on his college degree, claiming in multiple places – including his campaign web site – that he graduated the University of Maryland. In reality, ol’ Thom is a proud alum of University of Maryland University College. 

Fly isn’t the most educated bug around, but that’s nowhere near College Park, Md. If TT was a brother, you know he’d be flat on his face and out of a job by now.



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