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A love letter: Fitness is my boyfriend
The musings of a fitness bikini model
Published Friday, February 21, 2014
by Andrea Royale

To all my exes and the guys waiting in the wings for me, please pay very special attention to this message: I have a new boyfriend. His name is Fitness (fancy isn't it). In the beginning we took it slow and spent time being "just friends." That lasted until sometime last year when I made my feelings known. I wanted more of a serious commitment from Fitness. He agreed and said he would do anything it takes to keep me right – mind, body and spirit. Doesn't that sound like a keeper?? 

So here we are, a year and four months later, and we're still going strong. Don't get me wrong; we've had our blow-ups. There where times when I wanted to walk out and almost ended the relationship, but something inside wouldn't allow me to give up on us. Maybe it's all in the way he makes me feel. The truth is, I’m feeling and looking better than ever, and I owe that all to my boo, Fitness.

We've done things together that I never thought I could do or even wanted to do until Fitness came along. He's wild. He’s exciting. He’s spontaneous, and to be honest, he wears me out! Sorry ladies, he's all mine. I won't be giving him up without a fight, and he’s the one that taught me how. 

So to my love, my heart, I say I love you with all my aching muscles! I will never cheat on you nor will I give up on you as long as blood pumps through my veins. Our bond is as strong as two 45-pound plates resting squarely on my shoulders as I squat. You planked me with your love and I reciprocated by bench-pressing your heart to mine. You don't consider me a dumbbell when I do an exercise wrong. Instead, you arm curl me to your chest and show me how to do it right. You're not easy on me, but I can handle that. You're my iron therapist on days when I have issues. You’re my beast on those days when I feel like giving up. I'm a lucky girl to have such a strong man in her corner!

With love,


Andrea Royal is a Charlotte-based bikini fitness model. On her blog, "The Royal Truth: A Fitness Model's Story," the self-described shy, awkward, goofy girl from New York chronicles her journey breaking into the world of bodybuilding. Visit her website at qcfitnessmodeling.blogspot.com 


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