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Do's and don'ts of holiday fashion
How to select the right outfit for Thanksgiving dinner
Published Friday, November 22, 2013
by Khalia Wilkinson

The perfect outfit is a combination of cute and comfortable.

Selecting the right outfit for Thanksgiving dinner can be difficult when you are trying to match comfort with cuteness. But don’t fret; it can be done.

If you’re celebrating with close relatives or friends, the dress code may not be as traditional as it would be if say you were meeting a significant other’s family for the first time or enjoying the evening out with co-workers. Either way, you don’t want to over or under-do your holiday garb.

DO wear seasonal colors that will accentuate the day. Earth tones are perfect for this time of year and the cutest outfits can be found in warm berries, carmels, and plums. (Yes, we’re still talking about clothing here). Finding jeweled colored apparel should not be a daunting task and will be perfectly suitable for the holiday.

DON’T overdo it.  You do not want to appear as if you are wearing a Thanksgiving Day Costume.  A sweater with a large turkey stitched on, burgundy-colored pants and bright orange socks just may be a bit too much. Leave your “costumes” at home and dress fittingly for the festivities.

DO layer your tops. There is nothing more frustrating than to be in a situation where you are too hot or too cold. Choose a nice short sleeved or long sleeved top that can easily be layered.  Layer your top with a cute crocheted cardigan or a soft wool wrap.

DON’T wear clothing that is too tight. You don’t want to be caught loosening your belt and unbuttoning the buttons to your top for the sake of comfort. Wearing pants that give a little at the waist and a top that is not too snug is the perfect way to dress cute and comfy. Remember, breathable fabric and comfort is key.

DO consider a nice dinner dress. Whether you are celebrating this day of thanks at home or out with others, a nice dinner dress is a great choice. Select a dress that is multi-functional, meaning it can be worn with heels, pumps, riding boots or flats. A dress of this caliber can also be layered with a cute denim jacket, leather jacket or infinite scarf.  You can pair this dress with tights as well, which will give your dress a unique look.

DON’T choose your most comfortable sweats and a T-shirt to rock for Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you will be at home and you want to relax, putting forth a little effort in your appearance will feel tons better and it will make your guests feel much more regarded.  Besides, you want to stay ready for those photo-ops!

DO add a little glitz to your look (if that’s your style).  Wear jewels that will dress-up your apparel, making your attire more charming. You may also decide to wear a little shimmery eye shadow; make it fun and festive.

DON’T put on something that you will be afraid to ruin. Stay away from those cream-colored tops and bottoms as a mess is bound to occur. Cranberry sauce wasted on your delicate snow-white sweater will only make you upset and uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.

DO dress in comfortable (yet stylish) shoes.  Riding boots or a cute pair of flats is perfect this time of year and there are so many great styles to choose from. Wearing heels may be fine too but just remember that at some point you may want to take them off. If you won’t be in an environment where this will be appropriate, you may want to consider a more comfortable shoe instead.

Bonus: DO remember to give thanks! A “thank-you” note, card, and/or a bottle of wine presented to the evening’s host will go a very long way.


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