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Make fall fashion trends your own
4 ways to update your wardrobe now
Published Thursday, October 3, 2013
by Khalia Wilkinson

As we are finally kicking off the fall season, a lot of timeless trends, concepts, and ideas are reemerging.  Pieces that were “in style” but possibly overshadowed by a more prominent “it thing” at the time will now become the mandatory item to complete your fashion forward wardrobe.  But how do you make a look your own?  Here are pieces that you can expect to see this fall season and tips on styling to make the look yours.

1)  The ankle boot: Two seasons ago I bought a pair of ankle boots that ultimately just sat in my closet.  During that season, stiletto-heels were the entire craze.  So, I stored my little black peeped-toe boots away and rocked the pumps.   This season, you can expect to see the opposite.  Boots in all colors and styles are going to be what’s in.  A proper ankle boot does not go above the calf and can be designed with or without a heel.  Boots without a heel may be recognized as the combat boot, which you will also see more of this season.

Make it your own by adding slouch socks; and don’t be afraid to layer!

2) Lace: Lace, lace and more lace.  Lace comes and goes so often that it is one of those fabrics you should never get rid of.  This year, you will see this attractive openwork fabric incorporated into beautiful sheath tops and dresses.  This look is soft, elegant and classy.

You can make it your own by pairing lace with leather.  These two contrasting textiles can complement one another very nicely and will add an interesting rugged, less sophisticated appeal to your overall look.  Be sure that the leather accessories are chic and keep the number of pieces added to a maximum of three.  Maybe only wear a leather armlet and tote for example with a nicely fitted leather jacket.  You don’t want your leather to over-power your lace.

3) Leather: This textile is definitely tried and true.  Leather has been around for decades and continues to return in more ways than one.  This year, you will see leather boots, tote bags and accessories.  A lot of garments will be constructed with leather (or faux leather) trim.  Skinny-leg pants and dresses are two garments in particular that you’ll definitely see with a strip of accented leather.
You can make this look your own by adding a little color.  There’s no need for your attire to be drab or uninteresting this fall.  Don’t be afraid to use rich hues to brighten up the nature of your overall look.  Colors like cobalt blue, berry-rich purple, and venetian red are great shades that will make the leather trim on your clothing really stand out.

4) Jewelry with stones: Every seasonal wardrobe has a signature jewelry item right?  So, this year we are looking forward to seeing pieces that have lots of stones infused in them.

Stones of different colors, sizes and shapes will be seen in collections featuring necklaces, watches, and bangles.  Some collections will feature monochromatic colors while others will have various colored stones mixed simultaneously.

You can make this look your own by layering jewelry items and combining collections in a chic and simple way.  Wearing different pieces with diverse stones is a sure-fire way to make your look your own!  These fall pieces are going to be a major hit and with your unique touch, you’ll be sure to stand out!

KHALIA WILKINSON is a editor of the Style! Blog:  www.UpOnStyle.com.  She can be reached at: khaliawilkinson@gmail.com and Twitter: @KhaliaWilkinson @ UpOnStyle!


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