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McCrory vetoes too little, late
Governor's politics go to extreme right
Published Thursday, August 22, 2013 8:00 am
by Charlotte Post Editorial Board

Gov. Pat McCrory surprised a bunch of folks last week when he took his veto pen to stop a pair of Republican-sponsored bills from becoming law. One was ridiculous – giving social services workers a green light to drug test welfare applicants. Instead, he issued an executive order directing state agencies to beef up background checks and information sharing so ne’er-do-wells don’t get a chance to fleece the state for food stamps or other benefits.

“While I support the efforts to ensure that fugitive felons are not on public assistance rolls, and to share information about them with law enforcement, other parts of this bill are unfair, fiscally irresponsible and have potential operational problems,” McCrory said in a statement.

Translation: Florida should’ve taught us enough about drug testing for food stamps. Fair enough, and we get that.

The other bill was almost as bad: expanding the definition of seasonal workers by tying employment to the federal E-Verify program to confirm their eligibility. McCrory called the bill a “loophole that would allow businesses to exempt a higher percentage of their employees from proving they are legal U.S. citizens or residents.”

The governor’s attempt at building “street cred” for even-handed executive decisions is too little, too late. With the General Assembly adjourned after a backward-legislating session, McCrory’s the only target left in Raleigh, and he’s catching a little grief on the right to go with broadsides from the left. Serves him right.

What Republicans did in the now-adjourned legislative session is nothing less than a brazen power play to toss North Carolina back to the 1950s, or in the case of taxes, take us back to before the Great Depression. Election laws will now tax the patience of voters looking to exercise the most basic of citizenship rights and could incur the wrath of a U.S. Justice Department spoiling for a fight over voting rights.

There’s also the ugly specter of Republicans voting to snatch control of Charlotte’s airport and Asheville’s water supply, resulting in lawsuits that taxpayers have to foot the bill for.

Access to abortion will become more restrictive with a slew of standards under the guise of protecting women’s health. The unemployed will get less money over fewer weeks. Those without health insurance are going to be without it because McCrory & Co. passed on a federal program that would’ve covered 500,000 North Carolinians.

Conservatives sold the electorate on getting government out of our way. Instead, they’ve done a bang-up job of tripping us up on the road to regression.
The people spoke in November when a supermajority of the Legislature and the Governor’s Mansion went to Republicans. We have to live with gerrymander-protected lawmakers, but the governor has a wider constituency. Two vetoes hardly portend independent thought. We’d like to see Gov. McCrory use a bit more thought and spine to prove his capabilities. 


Only by organizing and educating the bodypolitik, can the regressive actions in Raleigh be off set in future elections. The backward-thinking folks, strong arming the weakened legislature, are telling us to be prepared for an economic period similar to the great depression. Sitting at home and letting the world go by will not work, ever again. Individual responsibility will be primary in our community's advancement. The gap between the haves and have not's is widening. The color of poverty will not be simply Black and White. All who are not structuring their lives toward self-sufficiency will feel the cold pretty quickly.
Those whose children cannot keep the pace in school and move on to college will be cast into another generation of poverty and crime in huge numbers that we have never seen before. Yes, Gov. McCrory and his posse in Raleigh are doing just what was expected of them. Will poor folk simply sit by and do what is normally expected of them?
Posted on August 23, 2013

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