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Posted by The Charlotte Post on Monday, March 7, 2016

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About Face: Finding the perfect red lipstick
Published Wednesday, January 2, 2013 3:30 pm
by Michaela L. Duckett

Like a crisp, white button-up shirt, red lipstick is a timeless fashion staple that never seems to go out of style and looks good on everyone. But unlike white, red comes in a

clientuploads/v38n13photos/Red lipsticks.jpg
Consider your skin's tone when trying red lipstick, advises fashion expert Ivey Rogers.

multitude of shades from deep berry to wine or bright hues with orange or pinkish tents. Some reds are bold and daring, while others are earthy and more natural. Selecting the perfect shade can be challenging, even intimidating at first.

Ivey Rogers, skincare lead for Sephora USA, said the first thing to consider is the skin color.

“For fair skin tones, you want to choose a cool undertone,” she said. “A cool red would have a little bit of a pink to it.”

If your skin has yellow undertones, Rogers suggests a typical red that is bright but has some brown in it. Warm reds with orange undertones pair well with olive skin tones and deep berry hues generally look best on darker skin.

The next step, said Rogers, is determining whether you want a sheer, satin, matte or full coverage finish.

“Some people shy away from doing a full, all-red lip so a gloss is the best way to get a little hint of red without going all the way,” she said. “Lip crayons are another option. They basically give you a tint.”

If you decide to go bold, Rogers said matte lipsticks usually have the most color and tend to last longer.

Rogers said the color of your lip is another factor to consider. If your natural lip color is darker, she does not recommend a using a red gloss or a sheer finish lipstick.

“If you have a darker lip, then you want something that has more pigment to it,” she said. “You want to select a lipstick with fuller coverage so that it cancels out the lip color that you naturally have.”

Tips for applying lipstick:

1. Make sure your lips are flake-free.

“This season, dry lips are the norm so you want to use a lip scrub to exfoliate,” said Rogers. “My favorite is a sugar lip scrub. It’s good to use after you get out of the shower or before you go to bed at night and then put a really good moisturizer on your lips.”

2. Remember prime time.

“If you have darker lips or just really want to make your lipstick color pop, use a lip primer,” said Rogers. “Not only will it make the color last longer, it will also color correct the lip.”

3. Draw the line

“A reverse lip liner is the best,” Rogers said. “It’s usually a clear lip liner. That way you don’t have to worry about matching a lip liner to your lipstick.

“Reverse liner goes on the outside of the lip, whereas the lipstick goes inside the lip. The liner goes a little past the border… You put it wherever you don’t want the lipstick to travel. It provides a clear border.”

4. Brush it on

“When applying your lipstick, use a lip brush,” Rogers advises. “Brushing the lipstick initially on your lip makes the color last longer.”

5. Stain it

“Even if your lipstick wears off, the color from the lip stain will still be there,” Rogers said. “It’s going to take make up remover to get that stuff off.”


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