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Tips for fall fashion essentials
How to upgrade the season ensemble
Published Thursday, October 25, 2012 11:53 am
by Michaela L. Duckett


Fall is upon us. There is a chill in the air, and just in case you havenít received the memo, it is time to put away the sundresses, sandals, flip flops and tank tops. Need to update your wardrobe? Here are eight essential pieces you should include:

Keep the essentials in mind when it comes to shopping for fall fashions.

1. Dark denim jeans. The perfect pair can be casually chic or effortlessly semi-formal. Tip: Pair wide legs with pointy shoes, and if you opt for a bell-bottom cut, select one that is fitted at the knee for a slimming effect.

2. High quality T-shirts and camisoles Ė These are perfect to wear under almost anything from blazers to sweaters. Tip: Select a few daring pieces in vibrant colors to add some pizazz and a pop of color to a neutral outfit.

3. Crisp white button down top. This is a layering must. Crisp white button-ups can also be easily paired with jeans to give a more polished look. Tip: Select simple clean-lined tops for a classic look that never goes out of style.

4. Blazer. Whether it is cotton, corduroy, tweed or velvet, a blazer adds sharpness to any outfit while providing a slimming effect. Tip: Select blazers that are fitted or cinched at the waste with well-defined lapels. Stay away from boxy varieties that appear to chop your torso in half.

5. Power suit. Invest in a good business suit that makes you feel and look like a million bucks. For more variety, purchase a matching pencil skirt as well as pants. Tip: Stick to dark solid colors, such as black, navy or dark gray for a more classic timeless look.

6. Lightweight wool trousers. These are the perfect solution for the upcoming holiday season because they can easily accommodate you should your weight fluctuate up or down a few extra pounds. Tip: Select a pair with good structure and some give. Your trousers should not cling to the bottom of your backside.

7. The LBD. A little black dress is one way to make sure you always have something to wear for any occasion from first dates to cocktail receptions. Tip: For optimum versatility choose one that skims the knees in an A-line cut.

8. Trench coat. This iconic staple is one easy way to pull your outfit together for a more polished look. Quality trench coats also double as raincoats and can be worn with basically anything. Tip: Stick to the traditional tan or black and avoid the pinks and flashy colors.

What to do with your old clothes?
At the end of every season, it is a good idea to go through your closet and throw out any clothes that no longer fit or you have not worn in the past year.

It might be time to let them go, but donít just throw them away. Donate to Goodwill or another non-profit. Not only will it do some good for the community, it can also equal a nice tax write-off at the end the year. Be sure to get a receipt and check the standard value for each item on the IRS website.

You can also earn some extra cash from your old clothes. The Eco Diva Sisters Cindy and Dana of the semi-annual Green Jeans Consignment sale will be happy to take those items off your hands and put some cash in your pocket.

They are accepting clothes now until Oct. 31 for showcase in spring sales at SouthPark and Lake Norman.

For more informatin, email info@greenjeanssale.com or visit www.greanjeanssale.com.



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