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Posted by The Charlotte Post on Monday, March 7, 2016
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Q the music for solo success
Q. Parker talks success after 112, fitness and groupie love
Published Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:40 am
by Michaela L. Duckett

Grammy Award-winning recording artist Q Parker has been busy in 2012.

clientuploads/v38n13photos/Q Parker Nov.jpg
Q. Parker has been busy in 2012 transitioning from being a member of the Grammy-award winning R&B group 112 to launching his solo career with the release of "The MANual"

This year, the former member of Bad Boy recording group 112 released his debut solo album "The MANual," which charted at No. 5 on Billboard's New Artist Chart.The avid fitness enthusiast was also busy partnering with Black Girls Run to promote healthy living. Parker will soon release his fourth fitness calendar, donating a portion of the proceeds to cancer research.

Parker recently hosted an invitation-only dinner at Delta's Restaurant, where he sat down for a quick chat with The Post. Read on to see what he had to say about the success of his new album, being married with kids and getting groupie love.

Q: Congratulations on the success of your album. How does it feel?
A: It's wonderful to come from a group - a very successful group, 112, to branch out from that group and still be well received and still have the support from the fans and my colleagues... It feels good to finally get my music out there to the public.

Q: Who do you listen to when you play music?
A: Right now I'm listening to Miguel. Brandy is one of my favorites. I like to listen to a lot of up and coming artists so I'm always on YouTube. I'm listening to NeYo's new album. I love Elle Varner.

Q: How did your collaboration with Black Girls Run come about?
A: I make fitness a part of my lifestyle and my daily routine. America has one of the highest obesity rates, and I wanted to do my part in motivating, inspiring and educating others about fitness and what we are doing with and to our bodies.
I'm very proud of Black Girls Run for getting out and promoting us being healthy and active. Everybody may not have a six-pack and be cut up, but the most important part is being healthy, having a healthy heart and watching what you eat. If I can motivate people by them looking at a Q. Parker fitness calendar, then I'm doing my part.

Q: Oh, so you do the calendar to provide motivation?
A: Yes, and a little good eye candy for my ladies.

Q: You're a married man with kids. In your industry, a lot of guys glorify a lifestyle of being with different women every night.  What made the family lifestyle more appealing to you?
A: I was raised in a mother-father household... So no matter what I did in my youth, I always knew that my end result was going to be a wife with kids. I'm glad that I experienced all of those things at a young age and got to a point where I wanted something more... When I was introduced to my wife, I just knew that she was the one.

Q: When you were signed to Bad Boy and hanging with Sean "Diddy" Combs, we can assume you had your fair share of groupie love. What's the most desperate thing that a woman has ever done to get your attention?
A: Outside from the panties being thrown on stage and all that, I can remember a girl driving for six hours behind our tour bus. She literally drove six hours to the next city just to get an autograph... Of course she got her autograph.

Q: Have you ever gone out of your way to get a woman's attention?
A: Yes. My wife. She's a salon owner. I was introduced to her by Wingo of Jagged Edge. She did my nails for the first time, and every week I would call her and make up a reason to go back and see her... I would say anything I could about my nails just to get her to put me on her appointment book.

Q: The holidays are coming up. Do you have any family traditions you look forward to participating in this year?
A: This year, I'm looking forward to my son's face and seeing him smiling when he's opening his presents. I'm just looking forward to spending some family time. I missed out on a lot of family time because this industry is so demanding. Whenever I can have a holiday where I can get some time to spend with my family, I love it because I'm such a family guy. For me, it's not about the gifts and all of that. It's about laughing, joning each other, cracking up and getting some good food.


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