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A summer of sex, murder, convicts and politics
Intriguing characters and hot, sizzling stories
Published Wednesday, July 10, 2013 11:00 am
by Michaela L. Duckett

New York Times bestselling author Zane will be the special guest at the BJ Murphy Networking Mixer July 11 at Whiskey River (210 E. Trade Street) 6 - 8:30 p.m. 

Whether you are spending a day catching some sun at the beach, riding shotgun on a road trip or simply relaxing on a lazy summer day, there’s nothing like a good book to keep you company.

From sexy erotica and suspenseful mysteries to coming of age tales and behind-the-scenes peaks into the world of politics and the black upper class, our summer reading list has you covered.

Busy Bodies: Chocolate Flava 4

Known as “The Queen of Erotica,” New York Times bestselling author and publisher of Strebor Books Zane has released a steamy new book. “Busy Bodies: Chocolate Flava 4” is the fourth installment in the Eroticanoir.com anthology series and features short stories from 26 masters of the genre – personally selected and edited by Zane.

Known for her uninhibited and raw style, Zane continues to push sexual boundaries with a tantalizing mix of urban slang and unadulterated sensuality with this new release, which includes a diverse array of racy characters and steamy settings that are sure to satisfy.


clientuploads/v38n13photos/Butterfly_100.jpgBased on true-life events, as told by students and educators from across the country, “Butterfly” by Sylvester Stephens offers a fresh perspective on the life of the American teenager. It tells the story of Shante Clemmons (Butterfly), a mature-looking, fifteen-year-old foster home reject.

After she is caught in the act of having an affair with her foster father, Butterfly is tossed out on the street in the middle of the night. She begins stripping to earn money but is fired after the club owner discovers she’s underage. She gets taken in by an old “family friend,” and despite her many obstacles she commits to finishing her senior year of high school and attending college. But will she?

September Woods

https://asoft10289.accrisoft.com/charlottepost/clientuploads/v38n13photos/September Woods_100.jpgIn “September Woods,” author Linda Florke weaves a battle between good and evil with an unlikely romance. Randall Daggett is a dangerous convict who escapes from a maximum-security prison with the help of Murphy, his fellow inmate and prison lover.

After busting out of Ryder Penitentiary, Daggett flees to the Northern wooded area of Wisconsin where he abducts 15-year-old Stella Compton and holds her hostage. “September Woods” follows Stella’s struggle regain her independence and triumph over tragedy to find love in the end.

 A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent

clientuploads/v38n13photos/A dollar_100.jpg“A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent” by Caroline McGill is a urban love story of sex, money and murder that Juicy Magazine describes as “one-part ‘Sex in the City’ and two-parts ‘Single Ladies’ with a dash of ratchetness.”

Street-smart Portia Lane trades in her church roots and college degree for sex-fueled stardom as Brooklyn’s hottest stripper. The hood respects her, men in suits open their wallets for her and the money rolls in. All is well until Portia breaks her own rules and falls dangerously in love with one of her regulars – Jay, an ambitious music executive. As she tries to gain his trust and win his heart, her tumultuous past catches up with her.

The Girl who Married an Eagle

clientuploads/v38n13photos/The Girl Who Married an Eagle_100.jpg“The Girl Who Married an Eagle” is the fourth installment in Tamar Myers’ Belgian-Congo mystery series. It tells the story of two girls from different walks of life who are brought together by a single act of injustice. Julia Elaine Newton leaves her home in Ohio to volunteer in the Belgian Congo at an all-girls boarding school, which mainly consists of runaway brides.

There she meets Early Dusk, a beautiful 8-year-old girl who ran away from an impending marriage to her village chief – Big Chief Eagle. Although she knew Africa would be much different than anything she’d ever known, Julia never imagined she find herself protecting a child and keeping her safe from her vindictive, vengeful would-be husband. This suspenseful, raw and commanding tale of courage is based on true events in Myers’ life.

Chief of Staff

clientuploads/v38n13photos/Chief_100.jpg“Chief of Staff” by Mark Vertreese, set both in Charlotte and Washington, D.C., subtly weaves together politics and the little-known world of America’s black upper class. The main character Eric Julian is a man accustomed to privilege and excess from birth.

At a very young age, Eric decides to shun the family business and pursue his true passion – politics. The only thing standing in the way of his presidency is a decades-old family secret involving his tyrannical grandmother, a long lost con man, a dapper mobster, blackmail, murder and cover up all in the name of family.

Never Say Never

clientuploads/v38n13photos/murray never say never_100.jpg“Never Say Never” by Victoria Christopher Murray is a fast-paced, emotionally charged novel about a passionate and dangerous love affair that threatens to destroy both a marriage and a friendship.

When Miriam’s husband dies and leaves her to raise three children by herself, she finds comfort in Jamal. The problem is that he is married, and his wife Emily is one of Miriam’s closest friends. Lost in the fog of grief and lust, neither is sure if their passionate affair is real. Jamal is riddled with guilt, but Miriam believes she’s in love. When Emily finds out, Miriam and Jamal have to deal with a woman scorned and her hunger for revenge.

Forces of Nature

clientuploads/v38n13photos/Forces of Nature_100.jpgIn Cheris Hodges’ latest novel “Forces of Nature,” Crystal Hughes is a fiery woman on a quest to save her family’s farmland from destruction by a multimillion-dollar company, Welco Industries. 

When she meets with company’s president Douglas Wellington III, she is shocked to find that he is nothing like the elderly curmudgeon she expected. He’s tall, lean and all things fabulous. With battle lines drawn, Douglas accepts Crystal’s challenge to spend a weekend on the very land he wants to destroy. While in the lush North Carolina countryside, these two warriors find out what happens when nature takes over.



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