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Kiss & Tell: Revenge can be sweet, but also leaves a sour taste
Two tales of love and a measure of revenge
Published Thursday, May 2, 2013
by Michaela L. Duckett

clientuploads/wb_kiss-tell.gifThe story line is pretty simple. Guy meets girl. Girl falls in love. Guy breaks girl’s heart so she seeks revenge.

Meet Kelvin. Kelvin is charming, tall, dark and handsome. Sounds cliché, but it’s true. If an actor were cast to play him in a movie, it would have to be Morris Chestnut or someone of his caliber in the looks department. They both have that same dark chocolate smooth skin and blinding smiles, and they both look good in a suit. (“The Best Man,” anyone?)

Kelvin, who is in his 40s, works for a nonprofit in Charlotte and seems to have a thing for receptionists in their 20s. It’s an ongoing joke around the men in the office to bet on how long it’s going to take him to bag, dump and replace each new receptionist that comes in. The quickest was a week.

The last one, Tachina, started work on a Monday. The following Wednesday, she hooked up with Kelvin in the boss’s office after work. The following Friday, he dumped her.

The next Monday when she returned to work, one of the guys who always seemed to “hate” on Kelvin for his notorious way with women let it slip that everyone in the office knew about Tachina and Kelvin’s dirty little tryst. Tachina was so embarrassed she went to lunch and never came back.

But that didn’t keep her from showing up at his house later that night and keying up his car. He showed up the next day with every curse word known to man etched into the hood of his money green BMW.

He tried to press charges but had no proof she did it. She continued to show up at his house every night.

“I kept seeing her car parked at the bottom of my street with the lights turned off,” he says. “Then she started arriving in different cars. I’d always see her driving by the house. She just kept watching me, but every time I tried to call the police they told me there was nothing they could do unless she broke a law.”

This continued for about two weeks, then it stopped, or so Kelvin thought. True to his nature, Kelvin moved on to a new conquest, a Brazilian beauty named Adriana. He invited her over for dinner and cocktails. Just when he was about to make his move there was a knock at the door. It was Tachina.

“She was banging on the door and peeking in my window,” says Kelvin. “I told her to go away or I was going to call 911 and have her arrested.”

He said she started yelling all kinds of crazy things. She was calling him names and accusing him of giving her diseases.

“Then I looked out the window and saw two squad cars pulling up in front of my house,” he says. “But I didn’t call them. I thought maybe one of my neighbors had heard the commotion and called.”

But they hadn’t. Tachina called the cops. She’d told them that she lived in the house and Kelvin had locked her out and was refusing to allow her in to get her things.

“The police officer told me that if she had any item of clothing or personal effects in my home that I would have to let her in,” he said. “I was not about to let that woman in my house. Me and the cops argued back in forth for about 30 minutes. Then Tachina went crazy and started attacking me. She was kicking, scratching and spitting so they arrested her for assault.”

Now that she’d finally broken a law, he was able to press charges and get a restraining order. I hope it works.

A fool in love

John Robertson is another man with a reputation for being a ladies’ man, one he’s quick to deny, especially to the women he’s dating.

In his heart, he doesn’t consider himself a player.

“I’m not married,” he says. “So I don’t have to be committed to one woman. I believe that until two people get married, you’re basically just practicing. The real commitment only comes with marriage, the ring and the legal contract.”

Besides, he says he doesn’t lie to the women he’s dating.

“I tell the truth,” he says. “But some women get so caught up in wanting to be in love that they often hear what they want me to say instead of what I’m actually saying.”

Case in point: John dated a woman, who we’ll call Cynthia, for about two years. She was always questioning him about how he felt about her.

“When she would ask me if I loved her, I’d say, ‘If loving you is how I feel right now, then I love you,’” he says.

“And she actually fell for that?” I ask.

“That just goes to show that she obviously didn’t hear what I said,” John says. “She heard what she wanted me to say. I never told her I loved her.”

For whatever reason, they continued dating. But it was obvious she didn’t trust him.

“Her friends were always telling her that I was no good,” John says. “So she started trying to catch me with other women. I think she started following me.”

John says one night he was hanging with his buddies at the Excelsior Club on Beatties Ford Road and when they left at 3 a.m., Cynthia was sitting in the parking lot. He asked what she was doing there, and she told him that she was just in the area, saw his car and decided to stop and say hello.


The other woman

John had been dating another woman we’ll call Nancy for about the same length of time as he’d been dating Cynthia.

“Her mother couldn’t stand me,” he says. “She was always telling her that I was no good.”

One night, John and Nancy went out for a date and stopped by one of his buddy’s house for a nightcap.

“In the middle of the night, we heard this loud noise that sounded like gunshots,” he says. “I looked out the window but it was raining, and I really couldn’t see anything so I went back to sleep.”

The next morning John woke up to find the windows of his car had been shot out. He knew it had to be Cynthia.

“She was the only person that would have thought to look for me there,” he says. “Plus, she always carried a gun.”

John called the police and filled out a report.

“But what made me feel bad was I had to take Nancy home in broad daylight in the back of a police car,” he says. “When we pulled up in front of her house, her mother was waiting for her on the porch.”

Still, he and Nancy continued dating, much to her mother’s chagrin. As for Cynthia, when the cops confronted her with John’s allegations she admitted to shooting up his car and went on to say that had he been in it, she would have shot him, too.

“She paid for the damages, apologized and asked me to take her back,” he says.

Did he?

“Heck, no,” he says. “I ain’t no fool.”


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