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Reducing clutter at home, in the office and on the go
Being organized is essential to navigating our complex, modern lives.
Published Thursday, April 4, 2013
by Brandpoint

Resolving to reduce clutter and get better organized seems to be a lingering item on many people’s “to-do” lists, yet for many of us, it can

Being organized at home, in the office and on the go is essential to navigating our busy, complex modern lives.

be difficult to get started.

 While organization is an essential tool for navigating our complex modern lives, many people struggle to find a system that works within their busy schedules.

 Here are a few simple solutions to help in the problem areas where most of us have trouble at home, in the office and on the go:

 At home

 THE PROBLEM: Whether or not your family removes their shoes upon entering the house and leaves miscellaneous keys, mail, loose change and other items by the door, entryways are a primary target for accumulated clutter.

 THE SOLUTION: Assess the type of clutter in your entryway. Is it made up of items that have a legitimate right to be near the door – your shoes and car keys, for example – or are there things that should live in another part of your home, such as mail (in your home office), loose change (in a coin jar) and sporting equipment (in the garage)?

Decide what belongs and remove and relocate things that do not.

 In the office

 THE PROBLEM: We live in a digital world, but paper remains a reality for most office settings. Taming paper is a top objective of organizational efforts for many of us.

 THE SOLUTION: To organize the flow of documents in your office, consider adopting the “one touch” policy. When a piece of paper lands on your desk, touch it just once - long enough to decide its appropriate home, and then put it there immediately. Avoid making stacks of paper that you intend to look at and assess later; that’s how clutter evolves. Instead, use an in-box for documents that you haven’t yet reviewed and an active box for things you’re currently working with. Anything that doesn’t fit in either box should get filed immediately with appropriate labeling.

 On the go

 THE PROBLEM: For many of us, especially busy parents with careers, work life is no longer confined to the office.

Whether you are running from meeting to meeting or on the road, it is a must to make sure you have all the essentials for working efficiently and productively while on the move.

THE SOLUTION: Invest in organizational tools that are easy to transport and have pockets or can be stacked for convenience.

The Post-it Brand now offers a Mobile Attach and Go Collection, a new line of products designed for more efficient and effective organization on the go that are designed to stick, insert or clip to items you carry.


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