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All green everything for 2013 weddings
Emerald green and country charm remain popular with brides
Published Thursday, March 14, 2013
by Michaela L. Duckett

As spring approaches, many brides-to-be will be buzzing about the Queen City taking care of last minute preparations for their summer nuptials.

This charming Southern country-themed table setting shows how brides are tastefully incorporating green into their weddings this year.

Last week, dozens flocked to Charlotte for the National Association of Wedding Planners Inspiration & Fashion Bridal Show, where experts said emerald green is among the most popular trends for 2013.

Tarshar Cunningham, who is getting married next month in Columbia, S.C., said the show inspired her to make a few adjustments to the color palette for her wedding. She wants to add a few variations of green.

“My original colors were coral, grey and yellow,” she said. “Yellow was my accent color, but I’m thinking about changing it to a lime green.”

Because emerald green is such a strong color, Ines Aaranguren of Sky’s the Limit Cakes, said brides like Cunningham are choosing to go with various shades of green. One popular combination, she said, is pairing mint green with a peachy pink.

Still, Aaranguren said there are many ways brides can be creative and incorporate emerald green on their big day by using it as an accent color.

“You can do a dress with a lace overlay,” she said. “Your cake can have an emerald green band around the base of each tier. A bride could also have a white gown with the surprise of green shoes.”

She also suggests pairing emerald green with ivory and gold for a dazzling wedding palette.

“If used carefully, emerald green can be a beautiful, beautiful color,” she said.

Green isn’t the only color that’s “in” this year. Aaranguren said another popular palette for 2013 includes poppy (a bright pinkish red) or salmon and a red violet with beige.

Other trends that are big this year are rustic, barn-style weddings (think lace accents and mason jars) and using patterns instead of all solid colors.

Saving green

The average American wedding costs around $30,000. So as always, saving some green is definitely a plus for soon-to-wed couples. Experts at NAWP’s bridal show were also on hand to help brides find ways to make their big day more affordable.

Tenesha Robinson-Shelton, owner and lead planner for RoShel Events, said the key is to avoid last minute planning.

“Plan in advance,” she said. “That way you are really able to sit down and map out what you are doing and plan a budget. You can also consult with a wedding planner to help you budget your money correctly and find the best deals and get you some additional discounts.”

Another tip, she said, is to consider a winter wedding.

“Planning your wedding during the off-season can really help you save money,” she said. In addition to scheduling nuptials later in the year, brides can also consider exchanging vows any day of the week other than Saturday. At some wedding venues this combination can save hundreds of dollars to put towards a honeymoon or other expense.

In addition to the venue and dress, the wedding cake is another major expense.

Aaranguren said brides can cut costs by decorating the cake with fresh flowers in lieu of handcrafted designs made of sugar, frosting or other edibles. However, she warns that only bakers who are experienced with using fresh flowers on cakes be used.

“Flowers are not organic,” she said. “They are grown with pesticides so you want someone who will be careful as to how they place the flowers on the cake. For example they may choose to make a floral arrangement that is placed on top of the cake rather than inserting flowers into the cake.”

Aaranguren added that fresh flowers have been used to decorate cakes for decades and can be done properly without any problems.

Another money-saving tip is to use what industry professionals refer to as “kitchen cakes” to supplement the main wedding cake. Kitchen cakes are baked and kept in the back or kitchen and can be cut throughout the ceremony or dinner hour.

“When you have a wedding of more than 100 people, you don’t have to have a taller cake,” said Aaranguren. “Kitchen cakes can be plated and served the minute the first cut is being made by the bride and groom once the actual wedding cake is whisked away.”

She said the key is using full-sized cakes that are layered exactly like the wedding cake instead of one-level sheet cakes.

“That way it has the same presentation,” she said. “And no one knows that there was ever a cake in the back.”

Aaranguren also suggests that brides select flowers that are in season to get the most bang for their buck.

“A lot of the flowers that once were not considered are being used now,” she said. “For example, with a lot of the new ideas in flower design, carnations are becoming a popular way to go. They can be used in flower balls that hang, placed on top of vases or other ways. You wouldn’t think of them as carnations. There are a lot of really fun, elegant and innovative ways to use various flowers that are in season and can save you some money.”


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