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The Voice of the Black Community
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US Congress District 12



Question 1 - How should Congress help create more jobs: through an employment bill, such as President Obama proposes, business expansion through tax cuts or another option? Candidates respond
Question 2 - What should the U.S. do to prevent countries like Russia from expanding their territory against over sovereign countries? Candidates respond
Question 3 - Do you favor raising the minimum wage, leaving it at its current level or eliminating it and why? Candidates respond
Question 4 - Should the Affordable Care Act be expanded to include a single-payer system, left as it is or eliminated and why? Candidates respond
Question 5 - Explain your position funding of federal grants for college education. Should more money go into grants or should alternatives be provided? Candidates respond
Question 6 - With court rulings affirming same-sex marriage becoming more prevalent, should Congress step in on either side? Explain your position and whether same-sex marriage should be the law of the land.
Candidates respond
Question 7 - Are current regulations on the financial industry enough to prevent a financial meltdown like 2008’s Great Recession? Should the Glass-Steagall Act be reinstated to prevent commercial ban

Candidates respond

Question 8 - What is your position on immigration reform in the U.S.? Do you favor tighter border security, changes to the pathway to citizenship or something different?

Candidates respond

Question 9 - What qualifications do you bring to the position that would make you a good representative for the district.

Candidates respond

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