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The Voice of the Black Community
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NC Senate District 40



Question 1 - How would you move your political agenda forward given today’s contentious political climate? Candidates respond
Question 2 - If you support raises for public school teachers, should salaries be increased across the board or merit-based? Explain your position, or if you oppose raises, explain that position. Candidates respond
Question 3 - What’s your opinion of taxpayer-funded charter schools and their role in education? Candidates respond
Question 4 - Should North Carolina consider raising the minimum wage independent of the federal government? Why or why not and explain your position. Candidates respond
Question 5 - Do you agree with the creation of a regional authority to run city- or county-owned assets such as airports or utilities without local input? Please explain your position. Candidates respond



Question 6 - Explain your stance regarding oversight of electric utilities’ disposal of coal ash or other potentially hazardous materials. Candidates respond
Question 7 - Should N.C. automatically restore voting rights to ex-felons who’ve repaid their debt to society? Why?

Candidates respond

Question 8 - Should N.C. reverse its current stance on Medicare benefits and expand them to include more low-income residents?

Candidates respond

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