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The Voice of the Black Community

Newsmaker of the Year: Charlotte Hornets

NBA franchise changed names and perceptions through teamwork

Panthers in position to land on their feet

Carolina within striking distance of first in NFC South

Rethinking the minivan

Kia Sedona has the ingredients to boost category

The best – and worst – of movies in 2014

Riveting 'Selma' and 'Belle' rate top-shelf treatment


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Janay Rice deserves support, not scorn for hanging on

What happened to stand by your man?

A justice system that suffocates America

Hypocrisy stifles equality before the law

Upcoming Events

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Friends and Family Market

CPCC Art Galleries will host our first annual


Rockin' & Racin' Exhibit

Get ready for a jam session like no other at the


NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg General Election

NAACP Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch General

Latest News

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Study: Medicaid's good for NC

Expansion would bring billions in revenue

Buzz is back, so is marketplace connection with Hornets

NBA franchise changed names and perceptions

‘Belle,’ ‘Selma best of cinema in 2014

The good, bad and ugly of movies